My Fastbreak Fix

This is going to be a weak diary as I don't have the incentive to put a whole lot of effort into it since I already have tickets but here is just a quick synopsis of what I'd do if I woke up and I was DTS. Standing pat is boring and might be the right thing to do but if you want to shake things up, lets shake things up.

Being a season ticket holder off and on since 1988 I don't harbor any illusions that the Clippers will ever be a championship team. Thus I'd rather build the team around the ability to entertain the fans instead of the methodical coaching of Dunleavey senior.
1st step is to clean house of the legacy management.

  1. Fire Elgin Baylor - he would leave a legacy as the worse drafting GM in history. On the other hand he made some sweet deals and always seemed to find some free agent who could play ball. Time to say thanks for the memories and replace him with someone else.
  2. Fire Mike Dunleavey - between drafting Korolev, not playing CM last year, his bizarre love affair with defense 1st players who can't play offense, and the boring brand of basketball that he teaches, I'm just bored with him.
  3. Fire Andy Roesser - it isn't the 1st time we've heard the bean counter has gotten in the way of basketball operations.
2nd step is to sell high so I'm trading Chris Kamen right now. It will just be a matter of time before the old neurons fall back into their predictable patterns and Chris's brain proves to be his undoing in the long run.
  1. Chris/Magette/Sam  to the Suns for Amare/Barbosa/Pike. According to ESPN trade tester this works. If the Suns want to shake things up this would do it. They get a real post player who can run, block and has a long term deal. They get the back up guard to Nash and the athletic CM. We get the lightning fast Barbosa, the explosive Amare and Pike is in it so the salaries work out.
  2. Once Elton proves he's healthy  I'm going to move him to the East. I'm not at all convinced that Elton will not opt out this year. I think he wants to win more then he wants the money and he knows that to win he needs to get to the East instead of trying to beat the Spurs, Mav's, and suddenly potent NO, Trailblazers with the Lakers also probably moving into elite status. He tried to leave the last time he had the option. He's a quite guy but I think he's gone so I'm going to get as much as possible. Elton/A Williams for Gordon, Noah, Noccioni, Smith. He goes home and give the southsiders the post game they desperately need while retaining enough nucleus with Hinrich, Deng, Duhon, Wallace, Thomas to give them a shot in the East.
  3. I don't know what to do with Thomas or Mobley so for now they stay on the roster.
PG - Livingston/Barbosa/Knight
SG - Gordon/Mobley
SF - Nocioni/Thorton/Mobley
PF - Amare/Thomas/Smith
C  - Noah/Love

Hire Magic Johnson as Coach/GM and give him 25% ownership. I don't' even care if he's successful he will bring unprecedented interest to this team

Draft Love so we have someone who actually knows what an outlet pass is. By the end of the year it won't be out of the question that Love will be a top 10 pick. He may look unathletic but he is anything but unathletic. Don't let the soft white body fool you, this guy can ball.

This team probably wouldn't be any better then a 40 win team but it will be fun to watch even when they do lose as they will put up a shitload of points every night.

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