Vecsey Wrong About Kaman Availability?

As an extremely wealthy gentleman once told me - "Everything's available for sale. It's all about the price."

That in mind, I believe ANY Clipper, that under league rules, is available to trade is just that - available to trade.

Marcus Camby sure knows that.

So the Suns want to trade Amare for Kaman? Yes. Kaman is available. The Raptors want to trade Bosh for Kaman? Yes. Kaman is available. Boozer, Nene, or Al Jefferson? Maybe, maybe, maybe.

The point is Vecsey may be wrong or he may have heard someone speculate or wonder if a certain trade could work. It wouldn't be the first time he printed speculation or maybe just something that isn't true at all.

Here's a couple of pages I found online documenting a couple Vecsey "bloopers".

"Vecsey has often been accused of writing fiction, as well as just simply not paying attention. Just this past April he wrote that he expected Sam Mitchell to be fired by the Raptors because …"

"Still stinging from a retraction he had to print about a ridiculous (and damaging) story about Sam Mitchell, Vecsey once again rushed a story to print without taking the time to verify actual facts. Today, Vecsey led off his column with a sad tale about how Derrick Coleman was in dire need of a heart transplant."

My point - Clipper fans shouldn't worry about Kaman leaving until specific teams and player names are mentioned, the math works, and it is reported on by multiple tier one news sources (AP, LA Times, ESPN, Fox, SI, etc. - not that they're always right either.)

Also Clipper fans have to ask themselves if whomever the Clips supposedly get in return would be someone that Dunleavy thinks would dramatically improve the team. Kaman is starting to look like his double double 2.0 version again. It's not easy to get back a dramatically better double double player.

The only caveat is obviously if Kaman has somehow become a cancer to the team, or just massively pissed off Dunleavy (ala Harrington vs. Nelson). In that case, maybe you do trade for lesser pieces just to GET RID of Kaman.

But I have heard of no such thing, and from all signs that I have noted, Kaman looked happy on Sunday, his teammates seemed perfectly happy with him and I saw no arguments between Chris and coach/GM.


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