Yeah They Suck... So Why Are You A Fan?

I'm pretty new to this blogging thing so I just thought I'd repost this reply I made to a comment made by someone who implied that I am retarded for writing that I believe the Clipper's Future Could Still Be Bright.

I'm posting it again here because it, in part, explains why I am Clipper fan.

Which got me to wondering, why are you still a fan?

Insane? Rooting for a team that’s never won a championship? No banners? Hoping for the best and suffering misery, year after year?

You’ve got to be a little crazy to even want to be a Clipper fan when you have the Lakers and all their success in the same building. But you know what? I like most Clipper fans because in a very general but noticeable way to ME, to ME – it seems like Clipper fans root for the good in basketball – defense and teamwork, hardworking no name guys that have a good chance of beating the best teams in the NBA because they play the right way. (Obviously NOT talking about this season – yet.)

On the other hand, the overwhelmingly obnoxious amount of Laker fans that seem to just scream and yell for Kobe dunking and going off for 81 points and love chanting “MVP” just seem like ignorant drunkards who just like to jump on a winning bandwagon. My conversation with many (NOT ALL) but many Laker fans always seem to reveal that they really don’t know much about basketball or the concepts of good teamwork. To me, if one guy on your team has to score 81 to win a game – that means your team sucks. But to them they’re proud of it. And they always seem to use the word “we” way too much. “We got the best player on the planet.” “Did you see what we did to the _?” Annoying.

Many Laker fans overlook the fact that they are loyal to a guy who said he’d rather play on Pluto than the Lakers just over a season ago. Where was all the “we” then? He definitely wasn’t thinking “we”. But to those deluded fans winning is all that matters. Accusations of rape, dragging Shaq’s name under the bus, crying like a baby on national tv and then buying your master/wife a 4 million dollar ring (four million dollars for a stupid rock on your prissy wife’s little finger just cause you got caught) – all those things don’t matter to fans who just want to claim the best player ever on their team.

That’s fine. I understand winning feels good. But I, personally just can’t root for that. I know the Clipper’s aren’t all angels either. But that combination of events, plus the way he used to play (so selfish it made me and probably his teammates back then puke) – sealed it for me. Yeah, a lot of NBA players probably cheat on their wives. But if they get caught do they throw out teammates names into the press so they have to suffer as well? Do they hold press conferences with their wives to apologize and cry to the public?

(Although I have to say that Kobe seems to have finally gotten the concept of trusting his teammates, although that opens up the whole debate that it only shows now because only now does he have teammates that are worthy of his trust. But to those who argue that, I say that wasn’t the case the year they had Malone and Payton. He had great guys around him even with Malone and Foxy out. But he took horrible shot after shot trying to be the “man”. I think his selfishness definitely cost them another ring or maybe even two, especially if he would have placated Shaq for the greater goal of winning more championships and sacrificing his happiness for that of the fans in LA. Not to mention his famous video last year talking trash about his teammate, throwing Bynum under the Buss.)

So being a L.A. native, if I have to choose – yeah maybe you think I’m on a special yellow bus because I hope for the best in the Clippers. I don’t accept people implying that I’m dumb or retarted for writing what I believe about their future. But if that’s your opinion so be it.


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