Wagesofwins on the Trade and the Clippers so far

The Wages of Wins Journal has a post up about the Knick's recent trades. Fortunately for us (me?), that post includes a chart with the Clippers's wins produced so far. The Knicks are the story of the post so I want to add some commentary based on personal observation.

Its mostly obvious news that can be split into good and bad, and maybe one great.

The great news is we are not seeing significant diminishing returns from the Camby/Kaman combo. Both players are performing near the top of the career scales. The Clippers may have the top performing PF/C combo in basketball. (Gasol/Bynum = 0.584, Camby/Kaman = 0.588) There is no need to break this up. If you do need to break it up, you need two average players just to break even, sending both the 2 guard of the night AND Thornton to the bench as depth. If the Clippers can get both Richardson and Wallace for Kaman, now you are talking...maybe.

The big good news is that tandem is going to get even better with the addition of Zach Randolph as we have slowly talked ourselves into. ZBo is having a career year so far. The removal of the far-negative production Tim Thomas will in total add not just an all-star but the equivalent to an all-time player to the Clippers front court. The rotation of Camby/Kaman/Randolph with Skinner cleaning up is just sick deep. The article mentions the issue of minutes, which is fair. There are 96 minutes between the 4 and 5 and doesn't it make sense given these guys injury histories to split that up evenly and keep them all at about 32 each? There isn't a dropoff in production so why not? Randolph could get some duty at the 3 I suppose, but it would need to be proven he could be as productive there.

In further good news Thornton has clawed his way up from the depths of the NBA to be a merely below average player. I think thats ok from his spot and he may be a feast and famine guy throughout his career. He is going to go 3-15 sometimes and 5-7 for 20 points sometimes. The Clippers fortunes may continue to go as Thornton goes each night, but at least he isn't the worst anymore. I think this matches what we have seen this season. A continuation of the overall improvement, but generally he is still just a scorer.

Also good, and historically surprising, news: Gordon isn't killing the Clippers. You take his negative rating and love it since it is effectively zero. More minutes for EJ will make the team better.

The bad news is pretty obvious. Ricky Brickets has been just destorying the team so far. We don't need fancy metrics to figure that out. But it is fun to note that he has single handedly undone the good of BD, Thornton, and Skinner combined. Yikes.

I think we also file BD under bad news. He has been performing at the level of average PG. That's good in the sense that it isn't bad, but I think we need more out of him. He has seemed to be coming around the last few games, so maybe the stats will tell a different story soon. He isn't just walking it up and handing the ball to Mobley anymore. He's taking (and hitting) his shots without apology and mixing in some drives.

Overall, what we have been seeing all along. The frontcourt has been doing their job and begging for help from the backcourt and bench.
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