I don't think Kaman's contract is that bad for what he produces. There are probably quite a few guys getting paid way more than him with far less skill or numbers (sorry, I'm too tired to do the research at this moment).

Anyhow Butt-O keeps posting these "Trade Kaman" posts so I thought I would post my own "DON'T trade him" post.

I'm not looking for a fight. Just backing up one of my favorite Clips. I like the flashes of greatness that I've seen in his play over the last few years. True, I was hoping he would be farther along by now, producing a little more consistently in the All Star range.

He's not quite there, but he's not that far off either. Whether he will ever turn into the next Kevin Garnett or Tim Duncan remains to be seen. But I believe he does have the skill set and agility to do so. Some guys take a while to develop into the All Stars that they are (thinking of Steve Nash..he was good but I bet a lot of people never thought he'd get to be as good as he is/was the last few years.)

So instead of all this incessant talk of trading Kaman, why not focus on Dunleavy's coaching?

In a response to CS's post on Bill Simmons, I wrote about my observations on how the team played without Dunleavy. With Kim Hughes running the team, everybody seemed much more energetic and I thought it was infinitely more entertaining while maintaining competitive play.

True, I think Kaman was limited to around 12 minutes or so, due to injury (which probably makes him harder to trade anyway). But as time goes by, if the talent gathered together on this Clippers roster (including Kaman) cannot produce a fair amount of wins, I'm going to jump on the Fire Dunleavy/Dump Dunleavy bandwagon, NOT the trade Kaman wagon.

I have stated before that I like Dunleavy's picks and I think he did fairly well getting Davis to go through with coming to the Clippers even without Brand. And Camby was a great pickup to ease the stinging. I really don't think he could have done much better.

So I actually don't mind Dunleavy the GM. But when I look at the roster that he's put together, it should be translating into way more wins. If things don't turn around by game 25, I'll make a sign and bring it with me to all the remaining games. (Fire Dunleavy!)

Let Kim Hughes coach the rest of the year. If they're not gonna win at least they could be entertaining.


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