Baron Davis Is Coming - With Kaman in Tow

Watch out people. The Boom Dizzle is startin to sizzle!

Baron Davis shot 50% from the field, made all his free throws, hit a three and put up 23 points, 8 assists, 4 rebounds and got a steal. And he stayed out of foul trouble, incurring only 3 fouls.

He played just over 40 minutes for the first time this season and was CHARGING to the basket, breaking ankles with his shake and bake, dishing to Kaman over and over again.

Baron is starting to look like he is feeling better - which is essential for the Clippers to be even close to winning a game.

I actually got to talk to Baron for a quick minute as he signed autographs for me and some other fans on opening night against the Lakers. That night, over a week ago, he seemed rather down and my gut told me that I was talking to a guy who just wasn't feeling right. I watched him during the afternoon shootaround and he never cracked a smile.

Every game I went to after that, Baron seemed to be laboring, rarely initiating contact, mostly avoiding the lane, settling for many bad outside shots. I didn't see the dynamic superstar I know he is.

In complete contrast, tonight, Baron was playing with reckless abandon. Forcing action inside, drawing defenders, throwing up impossible lay ups, making some, leaving others to be cleaned up by Camby and Kaman.

Tonight Kaman wasn't sandwiched by an extra defender. He was free to show off the All Star form he had last year because Baron kept the defenders honest. Kaman's line? 23 points, 11 rebounds, 3 assists, 2 steals, 2 blocks and only 2 turnovers! (And that against YAO!)

Marcus Camby had 13 rebounds in reduced minutes. Brian Skinner actually looked decent. Al Thornton seemed to take shots in a better rhythm (except for maybe that open jumpshot he should have taken in the forth...), Ricky Davis hit some shots and Eric Gordon actually didn't look totally lost. Why?

Because as Kenny the Jet repeatedly says on TNT - a great player will put the rest of his team in their natural positions, and the game will be much easier for all of them.

No, they did not win, but if Baron keeps up this aggressive play and can stay out of foul trouble and play 40 plus minutes per night - they will definitely have a chance.

If you can combine that with Marcus Camby working his way up to 30 - 40 minutes a game, I would say the Clippers will have a good chance of winning every game they play.

So keep watching Clipper Fans. If Baron stays on this course, Kaman will continue to look like an All-Star and a Clipper win is sure to follow.

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