Baron Wants Out…Back to GSW

According to Marcus Thompson II at the Tri Valley Herald (

What you might not imagine is what Jackson talked to the Los Angeles Clippers point guard about: Davis coming back to the Warriors.

"That's all we talked about," Jackson said. "I went to his house, spent some time with his mom and his grandmother. He wants to come back. And if he wants to come back, I want him back."


Jackson said he's going to be the president of the "Bring B.D. Back" campaign. It is feasible that the Warriors and Clippers could pull off such a deal. It would have to involve swingman Corey Maggette (for salary cap reasons) and/or guard Jamal Crawford (to make room in the backcourt).

(Bold mine.)

Maybe this is why Baron has been playing so poorly?

This is obviously a quote from Stephen Jackson, so he might be taking what Baron said out of context. But if that is truly what he felt Baron was telling him as a friend on Saturday, that could explain a lot about BD's lackluster effort Sunday.

Or as I like to think about Sunday DAY games - maybe he was out a little late last night or maybe had a little too much to drink. Everytime I watch a day game, whether on a holiday or on a weekend, I dread seeing the effort that'll show up as the Clippers.

Fans want their team's players to put forth the best effort in every game - which would mean going to sleep early the night before a day game and doing whatever routine they have to, to be in tip top shape for the game.

But I just can't help feeling that they're human, they've got friends, they're going to want to hang out and maybe have a drink or two. But are those late nights partying or clubbing (whatever they're doing) translating into poor performances in day games? Do the millions of dollars they get paid take away their freedom to be "normal" and have weekends that would seem fine for most people?

Either way, as a fan I surely don't feel like I am seeing Baron's best effort in every game and that is really disappointing. He does not seem to have the swagger that Cassell used to bring to the court. It really makes me appreciate Cassell even more. He really gave his heart to the Clippers and no matter how much he called Elton "Horse", I think he was the one pulling the carriage.

I was hoping Baron would be everything Cassell was and more, but it looks like he wants to ditch the ship as it sinks. As of right now he's looking more like Andre Miller.

Is it Dunleavy that kills point guards? Did Sam only survive here because he was the only PG with enough experience and guts to challenge him and maybe even run his own plays?

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