Silver lining to the cloud

Even by a Clipper fan's standard, this has been a tough year I'm sure you'd all agree. However, there are definately some positive things to come out of this season so to keep the spirits up I'd like to post a few of them up:

  • In signing Zach Randolph we have signed an offensive beast. He more than makes up for Elton on the offensive end of the floor and is more adaptable in that he can step out to drain the three.
  • We got rid of some dead wood in Tim Thomas
  • Eric Gordon has shown us that he is a big part of the future of this franchise. We have seen him score between 15 and 30 consistently over the last 2 months as a 20 year old rookie - imagine how good he'll be in a couple of years when he learns some NBA savvy.
  • After years of crap drafting, we hit gold this year. Not only with Eric but uncovering DeAndre Jordan who has shown he has a ferocious appetite for the game in the last two matches. If he can develop into something like Tyson Chandler (who was picked No.2 ) then our 2nd round pick will be the steal of the draft.
  • Steve Novak is another great signing. With him, Eric, Zach and Baron (when he gets his shooting head on), we have some legitimate outside scoring, something we have been missing in recent years.
  • A make-shift PG in Mardy has shown he can consistently play the PG position and his size causes matchup problems for the opposition. He has virtually made the backup PG his role now.
  • We signed one of the best 5 PG's in the NBA. He may not be clicking yet this year and there may be injury issues and system clashes but the bottom line is that we have a top 5 PG on our roster.
  • We have one of the best two defensive players in the NBA on our roster and have the good fortune to watch Marcus Camby play to a level that I've not personally seen a Clippers player play at in the last 9 years.
  • We don't have any bad contracts on our payroll now

Basically, there are loads of positives this year if we can look passed the crap. At the end of the day, other teams around us at the bottom of the NBA are looking at their rosters wondering how they are going to make moves to climb the ladder.

We have the majority of our roster in place. Add another nice lottery pick to the combination of youth and experience we have and, with some chemistry building games in the last months of this year, I'd expect an improvement to the level that we will be challenging for up to the 5th/6th place in the playoffs next year.

Go Clippers!

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