Reasons To Stay Calm, Not Lose Hope

From reading Ramona's posts here's what I understand.

Paul Davis got hurt.
We need a fill in point guard like crazy. Who can we cut? Paul Davis. He's the only one with a non guaranteed contract. The Clippers love him but they need a PG right now and he's the odd man out (plus he's hurt so...)

Fred Jones was playing well but he got hurt too!
Can't take chances keeping around a guy that might be hurt for who knows how long? Poor guy. I liked him, too. Ramona says if he gets healthy they can sign him back (to a ten day?)

The 7'1" Cheikh Samb pickup?
Wow. I can only agree with CS that there must be some sort of trade on the horizon. OR OR OR OR maybe he's just a PDiddy replacement that can be waived later? Maybe Dunleavy is shuffling healthy bodies? Waive Samb when Paul Davis returns to health and pick him back up? Crazy! But who knows how bad P Diddy is hurt...

Anyhow with all the madness I'm staying calm because of what Dunleavy has done as a GM so far this year...

  • Drafted Gordon - WIN WIN WIN
  • Drafted Jordan -  Potential WIN 50/50 on this one. Can't say he looks really bad, but can't say he looks good either. Have you seen Oden play? He doesn't impress me that much more than Jordan, so what does that say?
  • Drafted Taylor - Very Potential WIN - he's looked great at times and his energy and effort are consistent
  • Maggette gone - No loss, he's hurt anyway - WIN
  • Elton gone - No loss, he's hurt anyway and has a 50/50 chance of getting hurt again even when he gets back - WIN
  • Baron for $$ - in a major slump, but you gotta think his play can only improve (how could it get any worse? Stil better than Dickau, Knight, Richie "Where's He" Frahm or a still not even playing Livingston, right?) - MAYBE A WIN IN THE FUTURE - Was a gamble I would've taken too.
  • Camby for FREE - WIN WIN WIN
  • Zach for Cuttino and Thomas -  Cuttino forced to retire, Tim's hurt - we get back a 30/10 guy in a week - WIN WIN WIN
  • Mardy for Free - basically a throw in that's actually filling in OK for us - Minor WIN
  • Somehow finds and signs Fred Jones. Obviously he got hurt but how did Dunleavy magically manage to find this guy, knowing he had the ability to help the team? He's a decent player and was making positive contributions for being thrown into the fire from day one of his signing. Amazing.

So for as much as I hate Dunleavy's offensive sets and some of his coaching decisions, I have to say he's done a great job so far this year as a GM. So who knows what he's got going on but I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Whether he trades Baron, Camby, Kaman or whomever else (except maybe Gordon) I'm going to stay positive about the future of the Clips. It's obvious this year is gone but they can build a really, really good team for next year.

If he makes another move like the Camby for Free thing, I'll be ecstatic.

If he makes another Korolev move, then I'll start the ranting - "Fire Dunleavy - Both of Them!"


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