Why are this years Clippers so much better?


I was thinking about this last night... Took me a while to come up with it but this is the best group of words I can come up with to fully describe all the thoughts flying around in my head.

Oh and with Griffin's work ethic I think the sky is the limit... You've seen guys like Varejao and Oberto and how successful they have been for teams JUST off hustle. Griffin brings hustle AND talent all game long.

This is preseason but as Eric Pincus said we would not have won this game last year. Doesn't that mean something to you? It does to me. It shows that the attitude of THIS TEAM is much better than the attitude last year. And yes, Rasual Butler, Blake Griffin, and the other new additions bring a positive mentality to this team. You can hear the excitement in their voice, this isn't the same old cursed Clippers. These guys are proud of the team they're on.

To be honest, I'm sure when Butler heard he got dealt to the Clippers, or Craig Smith, or Sebastian Telfair, heck even when Griffin got drafted by us, they were thinking "oh... the Clippers... um.. cool..." but I can see the change of attitude.

Griffin said all the right things on media day. TELFAIR said all the right things, but you can tell he was a bit hurt. Craig Smith was the only one that showed some kind of real emotion to coming to LA, since he was raised here and has family here. He was the only one I truly believed was happy to come here. But now I've seen all the new additions, they are super confident with this team and love it. And guess what, I do too. I was watching the interviews, and just watch the one with Butler. He seems so excited now with this team. His attitude shows someone who's probably thinking "MAN I wouldn't expect it to be this awesome, but I'm really glad they traded me to the Clippers!"

OUR TOP 5 BENCH PLAYERS can make a starting 5 in the NBA.

PG- Telfair

SG- Butler

SF- Smith

PF- Camby

C- Deandre

Telfair, Butler, Smith, and Camby have all been NBA starters. Deandre is getting there. This, guys, is our BENCH. And guess what- with talented bench players, you have confidence, heck, even cockiness. I've played for good teams and crappy teams. The crappy teams would always say things like "WOW these guys we're playing against are GOOD.. they have 2 guys that are over 6'5", and just drooled at our opponents with no sense of winning the game. Then again I've been on GOOD teams... and when you have good players on a team, there's a good chance most of them are going to be cocky. So the attitudes are totally different. Oh and cocky is not a bad thing sometimes- sometimes you need to just have an attitude of "we're going to beat anyone that challenges us". It really rubs off on everyone else too. If a few people in the locker room doubt the team, it'll spread through the team. If most of the team is confident, even the ones that doubt will start realizing that they need to be confident too.

If you guys understand what I wrote, I'm sure our players have a sense of comfort knowing their teammates are talented. Even if they fear the opponent, they can always look around, and see all the good players management has provided them with as teammates- and they stop feeling that feeling of fear. When you were a kid, and you were afraid, I'm sure the first thing you would do is look around and see if there's anyone around you that can protect you, and if there was you would feel protected, and a sense of comfort. I guess that's what I'm trying to explain- players like Griffin and Gordon that might have the jitters before a game can look around the locker room and feel protected by having awesome teammates surrounding them.

I know I wrote a long story about random things, but I was sitting there right now thinking about how these Clippers feel, and why the atmosphere would be SO different from last year that they would be ready to jump from a 19 win team to the playoffs- and when I thought about all this stuff I wrote about, it made so much more sense to me.

This my friends, sounds like a team that is ready to turn some heads this season. Now let's just hope and pray that injuries don't happen, and that this chemistry remains the same.

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