Sir Dunk-a-Lot Leads Clips to Victory

Everything Kaman isn't - DJ is.

Kaman - slow, goofy looking, gravity hindered

DJ - Quick, Graceful, Instantly Airborne

DeAndre Jordan, Sir Dunk-A-Lot, slammed in 10 points in just the 1st quarter and finished with 9 rebounds against some pretty tall guys in limited minutes - yeah, he was awesome. Clips hang on to win, 91-88.

(Hornets had no CP3 and pretty much looked awful so...enough about the game!)

What an amazing collection of bigs this team has. Griffin and DJ together - you can see that they're friends away from the game in their chemistry on the court. Kaman was awful tonight but Milph kept saying he's been looking good - so I guess he just had one of those "mind was not in it" kind of nights.

This Clipper frontcourt has it all. Inside (DJ, BG, Kaman), Outside (Kaman, Camby, AT), Rebounding (Camby, BG, Kaman), Blocking (Camby, DJ, BG), Runners (DJ, BG, AT), Bangers (Rhino, BG, Kaman),Passers (All seem above average) and Drivers/Cutters (Rhino, AT, BG)

And that's not even taking into account Rasual Butler or Steve Novak who can really spread the floor at the BINGO! line.

I like the fact that the Clippers are holding on to Kareem Rush as EJ seems to take a lot of contact and if he were to get hurt again for any amount of time...they need Rush. Also liked seeing Butler at the two tonight as well.

Although Bassy looked a little lost tonight (rusty from not playing hopefully) it still feels much better seeing him on the floor than MTaylor or JHart or DDickOuch or any other 2nd or 3rd string PGs the Clips have had in A LONG TIME.

I think he's the best bench guard the Clips have had since Shaun. (Still miss that guy...)

Baron looked so much better than Bassy tonight but I sense that he may come on as the season goes on. I think he will have a lot of meaningful minutes that could make or break the Clips this year. He may be more important to this team than most realize. Other than Baron he's it as far as a true PG goes.

As stacked as the Clips are in the frontcourt, the PG spot could be their downfall if Baron gets hurt for any extended amount of time and loses his conditioning. EJ at point could work for stretches, Mardy in a pinch - but if there's any chink in the armor of the Clippers 6-2 mighty preseason shield, it's at the point.

Makes me really think they shouldn't have signed Skinner and left that spot open for a third string PG. Who? I don't know - Bobby Jackson?, White Chocolate?, some undrafted potential guy?

Odd guys out at this point - Skinner, RDavis, Novak (just because all the other bigs are so darn good - Craig Smith - Who knew?), MCollins.

I think because of the thinness at guard, Kareem has jumped ahead of them all in potential minutes.

Anyhow my first ramble as I prepare for the real ones.



Hmmmmmm. Kind of weird since we're LA too... How about a nice loud...

(cue Clipper Darrell)


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