Guys, we're gona be fine

This situation is actually weeding the panicky fans from the ones that have more faith in their team, to be honest. 

I was at basketball practice when I saw the text, and of course a bunch of my friends' spam (texts and missed calls and voicemails). I put my jacket over my head and I too, like most of you, felt like I lost a member of my family. My friends asked if I'm alright, I told them what happened.. So they're like oh, are you sad for the Clippers

I was like no, the Clippers are fine. I'm sad for Blake Griffin

Poor kid hated sitting in the sidelines during PRACTICE. We ain't even talking about the game. Not the game- but PRACTICE. (haha) If Blake Griffin "felt like a kid who was grounded, sitting in the corner watching everyone else play" during practice, how is he going to feel about missing the first few legitimate games of his NBA career? I immediately thought of him and hoped he would be alright. His loss isn't a tremendous hit to our wins/losses RIGHT NOW. 

Think about it, sure he hustles alot and inspires the team. But don't you see it? He's rubbed off on many of them already. Even when he subbed out and was sitting on the bench, they were playing like he's still out there. He taught the Clippers something very important, much more important than his dunks, posters, and rebounds. He taught them to never give up on a play, and to actually play with their hearts, even in meaningless games. 

Guys this team was built to win. Griffin or not. We were supposed to be good even if we didn't win the lottery. The lottery was just icing on the cake, and if you think Griffin hasn't had an impact on this team yet you're truly wrong. Even DJ on his twitter wrote "Having lunch with @blakegriffin... all we do is eat and work out. Is that a bad thing?" I was told that him and Griffin hang out very often, and sometimes at 9:30 or whenever they hang out, Griffin just randomly says "Hey DJ, let's go work out a little bit.. Let's work on my outside shots and your free throws". This is the real thing that Griffin is bringing us, not his 18/10 or whatever he was averaging. 

I think Craig Smith is going to shock you guys, you underestimate how good of a player he is. And DJ will get more minutes now too. This could be DJ's big chance. All in all this isn't the same team as last year. We have 1 year of chemistry under our belt, 1 year of improvement for the young guns, a motivated Baron Davis, 3 great new pickups in Butler, Smith, and Telfair, a HEALTHY TRAINING CAMP (an unhealthy training camp was what really destroyed last season for us), and better defensive sets (Dunleavy went back into the 05-06 defensive playbook). 

I still have faith and you guys should too. Now let's start this season off right- let the Lakers make a toast to their new rings, and an 0-1 start to their season.

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