Clips Nation Viewing Party Friday

Art Thompson, Taylor, Citizens Zhiv, John R and Clip Show, Clipper Spirit Laura and ClipperSteve at the last Clips Nation viewing party.

Alright everyone, let's do this thing.

We've been kicking the idea around for awhile, and I think I've found a good place for us to have another Clips Nation Viewing Party.  An acquaintance of mine is part owner of The Beach Club in Long Beach.  They have a patio that is probably about the right size for us (although who knows how many people are going to show up), so we can have two plasma screens tuned to the Clippers' game all to ourselves, while the yokels patrons inside the bar are watching the Lakers game. 

So I've reserved the patio for our second ever Clips Nation viewing party!

Date: Friday, November 6

Time: Game starts at 7:30 PM, I'll be there about 7 I'm guessing

Opponent: Golden State Warriors (should be a fun game, and a winnable game too)

Location:  The Beach Club Sports Bar

5755 E. Pacific Coast Highway, Long Beach (where PCH and Bellflower and 7th intersect, by the Ralphs)



Now, before you start complaining about how you don't live near Long Beach and it's a long drive, don't.  The simple fact is that there's no place that will be perfect for everyone.  Based on Citizen ClipperChuck's poll, Long Beach is actually a pretty central location for the people who responded: on the edge of Orange County, obviously good for the South Bay folks, not too bad for those on the west side.  Also, the specific location is really convenient - a short drive from where the 405, 22 and 605 freeways meet.  Besides, I live in Long Beach, and it's my blog and I get to decide.  I hereby decree that Blake Superior is the official Blake Griffin nickname of Clips Nation, and The Beach Club is the official Viewing Party location of Clips Nation (unless it doesn't work out).  The power!  The raw, unadulterated POWER!

OK, got that out of my system.

Now for the bad news... I emailed Taylor, and she's out of town that day.  She promised me that she would be there if she could, and hopefully she'll be able to attend the next viewing party, but we'll just have to carry on without her this time.

Since we haven't done this in awhile, and the blog readership is quite a bit bigger than it was the last time, please leave a comment letting me know if you are planning to be there.  That way I can give the restaurant an idea in advance. 

See you next week!

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