Blake Superior Protest

Note: I have edited this post as some have taken my sarcasm as a disrespect to Steve. I did leave some in there, though - is that wrong?

I HATE the nickname Blake Superior! (am I banned yet?)

In my last poll so many people hated it, the second place vote (and not by much) was to use his initials rather than expose their eyes to "Blake Superior"!

Let me explain - no that would take too long. Let me sum up.

Blake Superior is in reference to Lake Superior.

The Lake Part. So what does Blake have to do with a lake? It would make more sense if he was a Laker and if this was Lakers Nation maybe I'd say AWESOME.

But this is not. Most here HATE the Lakers. Why would they want Mighty Griffin's name to even conjure up the thought of a lake??? It's already part of his name - do we really need it further emphasized? (You see that? I just forced my own nickname on you! How do you ike that? Mighty Griff, Mighty Griff, Mighty Griff!)

The Superior Part. In itself, it's easy to misread this as arrogant or pompous especially for a seemingly humble kid who has done NOTHING in the NBA thus far. Talk about jinxing somebody with a high expectation name.

if you've read CN for any amount of time you know what happens when Steve implies anything. Yes, sir. The exact opposite happens! A lot. Often. So much so, that it was a running joke for him to try and write the opposite of what we hoped for in any given circumstance so as not to jinx things. Start writing Blake INFERIOR, Steve, before he turns into OlowaCandy!

- - - -

Ok, all kidding aside, I don't mind if Steve uses his beloved Blake Superior in his posts once in a while. It is his perrinogative. (like that, Steve?)

But if he's going to have an attitude about it and parade it around, promoting it as the "Official" nickname for HIS site (whether he was kidding or not) just irks me. It comes off as standoff-ish, bullying as if to say if we don't like it we can go to some other website or make our own!

Wow, did you really have to take it there, Steve?

So I am here officially inviting all of Clips Nation (minus Steve) to defect to my new site -

If you guys write nice things about me (or just agree with me on all things Clippers) on my site maybe we'll change it to

So I look forward to seeing you there, on my new non-Steve site where Blake's nickname will be Mighty Griff whether you like it or not.

If you like what you've read, please comment below.


(Steve, this post was a joke - well, at least most of it was. Please don't ban me! I am only kidding!.....or am I?)

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