I've been reading articles and fanposts over this latest Clipper win and can't help but feel some of us are a little delusional. Before the game against Denver people were talking about boycotting this game, burning tickets in protest, and talks of the much needed firing of MDSR resurfaced. What happened? One win against a good team and all is forgiven/forgotten?

I remember a "big" win for us last year against the Celtics that was supposed to shove this team off into the right direction, perhaps a win to build some momentum on. As it turned out the next night we lost to the worst team in the league and followed up with a 7 game losing streak.

In case you forgot about last nights game, the Clips almost blew a 15 point 4th quarter lead in typical Clipper fashion. EVERYONE was fearing the worst and if not for Rasual's 3ball that game would likely have ended in a loss. The screams at Dunleavy's dismissal would still be roaring rampantly, but give us one lucky win over a good team and it cools the fire.

How many more losses are we going to give this jackass? How many opportunities are we going to give him to turn this team around? Say he does turn the team around and we start winning games, perhaps a 7-8 game win streak or even if we get above .500. Even if say by some miracle we make the playoffs, will he suddenly have redeemed himself? Or perhaps we forgot about a rookie coming in cold as ice to guard Raja Bell on the biggest moment in Clipper history. Or perhaps the biggest 4th quarter melt down in the playoffs for a team that was supposed to win it all. What makes us think if he gets us into the playoffs things will be any different? Or perhaps we ourselves are just content with mediocrity.

Do something about it. Stop going to games. Stop watching games. If you are such a Clipper junkie like myself, listen to them on the radio.Tell all your friends who are Clipper fans to do the same. Send your hate mail to the address below demanding to Donald T. Sterling that a change needs to be made...or you can hold onto your optimism.

Los Angeles Clippers
1111 S. Figueroa St., Suite 1100
Los Angeles, California 90015

(This is the address for Clipper fan-mail)

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