Dunleavy's Dual Role Dilemma, The Mardy Mystery

An NBA General Manager may sometimes want a certain player to get more time on the court for reasons other than improving the teams chances of winning.

Sometimes GMs want a player to get enough minutes to prove his value, thus validating the GMs decision to acquire him.

In other cases, GMs may want a player to get minutes to showcase his skills or "improve his stock" so that he may be more attractive to potential trade partners.

This type of strategy from a GM may sometimes conflict with the desires of the coach, whose ultimate desire is to win games and keep his job. Thus a coach may resist or fight against a GM who demands that a certain player get significant minutes if that player is hurting his team.

So in the case of the Clippers, if this situation were to arise, who wins? GM Dunleavy or Coach Dunleavy?

Well, I would argue that GM Dunleavy wins every time. Why?

Coach Dunleavy has significantly less pressure to win (than any non dual role coach) because he knows the GM version of himself won't fire the Coach no matter how terribly he underperforms. Plus GM Dunleavy completely understands that all the losing isn't the Coach's fault.

So let's say GM Dunleavy says "I know I made the right decision in picking up Rasual. Coach, keep playing him big minutes and he'll find his shot."

Theoretically, Coach Dunleavy should fire back and say "I've reveiwed moKi's analysis of Mardy Collins contributions when given significant minutes early and I'm going with him first off the bench because he gives me the best chance of winning. Rasual has had his chances but his shots are missing at critical times in each game, giving away momentum and sucking the life out of our fans. Sorry GM but I have to do what I can to win now because I don't wanna get fired!"

But as we have seen in games since Mardy had a significant factor in the Denver & Wolves wins (he played 21:13 and 15:15 respectively) Coach then proceeded to play Mardy 4:58, 0:14, 0:00, 0:00, 10:55(Indiana Win), 02:23, & 04:59.

I get why fans aren't crazy about Mardy but if I'm a coach I review the tape and I see how Mardy helps stabilize the team early. I would insert him early in games before opponents break open a 25 point lead. At least I would have given him a shot to keep proving his value by giving him significant minutes to see if it keeps correlating with wins.

So what does Coach Dunleavy have against Mardy?

Or is he coddling Rasual? Is he afraid of bruising Butler's ego? Or is Dunleavy trying to prove himself right, in acquiring him as a 3 point threat?

Milph have been commenting on how Rasual can't buy one, that he's only made 1 bingo in his last 16 tries. You can hear it in their voices that they expect Butler to miss EVERY TIME. Sadly their voices express surprise if he actually makes a shot.

I believe that many other coaches, after reviewing tape on Mardy on Nov 23rd would have tried to keep his minutes and insertions into the game consistent with that one, to see if he could repeatedly have a positive affect on the team and help lead to more victories. Why wouldn't you try to keep going with something that's working?

So what's up with a horrible Rasual continuing to get significantly more important minutes than Mardy?

Is GM Dunleavy behind this? Does Coach Dunleavy have some kind of grudge against Mardy?

For now it remains a mystery that frustrates Clipper fans who believe Mardy deserved the chance to overtake Butler in the rotation weeks ago.

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