Who was your favorite "one and done" Clipper?

Previous to this comment, citizen penguin35 said something that made me think "oh man, I remember that guy."  "…at least we extended Rick Brunson’s career!"  That's right, Rick Brunson, wasn't that great of a player.   But from these past years, there has been many one and done Clippers.  In this FanPost, I'm going to try and bring up some old names from the past that I can recall that were on the Clippers for one, or less, season that start from the year 2000 and above.  Some of us aren't old enough to remember 1990 when Niq was a Clipper and left right after.  Oh, and this years 2010 roster doesnt count.  So guys like Rasual Butler, Sebastian Telfair, Craig Smith, or other potential one and done Clippers don't count.

Obinna Ralph Ekezie
Harold Jamison
Eldridge Recasner

Cherokee Parks
Andre Lloyd Miller

Matt Barnes
Predrag Drobnjak
Eddie House
Randy Livingston
Glen Rice

Kenny Anderson
Maurice Baker
Rick Brunson
Lionel Chalmers
Kerry Kittles
Miki Moore
Mamadou N'Diaye
Kirk Penny

Vin Baker
Howard Eisley
Anthony Goldwire
Walter MCCarty
Vladimir Radmonovic
Boniface N'Dong

Doug Christie
Will Conroy
Luke Jackson
Von Wafer
Alvin Williams

Andre Barrett
Guillermo Diaz
Nick Fazekas
Richie Frahm
Smush Parker
Ruben Patterson
Josh Powell
Brevin Knight
Marcus Williams
Dan Dickau

Alex Acker
Fred Jones
Zach Randolph
Cheikh Samb
Mike Taylor

I really was thinking of writing a small analysis on each player, but eventually found out that we had ALOT of one and dones in the past 9 years.  My favorites are Fred Jones, Mike Taylor, and Nick Fazekas. 

Fred Jones was kind of a surprise pick up.  I didn't like the guy that much.  I know he was a pretty good dunker in the past, but he had kind of a bad rep.  Might be because he played on the team with Ron Artest and the infamous Indianna-Detroit Brawl.  Regardless, this guy came out every night and hussle his ass off to a 19 win team.  I remember even reading an article about him struggling to find a job in the NBA while trying to provide food for his WHOLE family.  Fred wasn't great, but he worked hard, showed heart, and was wishing he would have been back on the team. 

Mike Taylor was our rookie pg.  He showed unlimited potential.  His biggest up was his speed.  His biggest downside was his inability to control his speed.  Regardless, he exploded in Madison Square Garden and was awesome at dunking.  He also apparently was a funny dude next to DJ.  Too bad we waived him this year because he didn't progress forward.

Nick Fazekas was a panic move to get any PF while Brand was hurt.  Regardless, this guy still played like he would in an NCAA game.  Hard.  All out.  Fighting for a roster spot.  I remember he would just throw a random shot, and it would hit the basket.  Either way, Fazekas wasn't too bad of a player, even though stats sheet probably won't show it/

So anyway, who was your favorite one and done Clipper from 2000-2009 Clipsnation? 

*EDIT BTW, I could have missed a few players, I looked over the list and realize I missed out Dan Dickau.
*EDIT: After further research Cherokee Parks was NOT a one and done.  He signed one more year with us towards the end of his career.  Sorry about that.

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