Clippers Set For Turn Around

What games have I been watching?

Yes. The same ugly, awful, disgusting games you have.

So why am I posting a laughable headline stating that the Clippers are set to turn things around?


My brain refuses to believe that the Clippers will stay as bad as they are now. How can they? Sure some teams hit the bottom and then stay there, but it's usually because they are injury riddled and have very little talent. But isn't that who the Clippers are now?

No. Step back from the ledge, Clipper Nation.

Baron sucks. Dunleavy sucks.

Ok. I get it. You want one or both to leave town - pronto. But we all know that's not going to happen. So what does happen?

Moki's Fabulous Prediction for the Rest of This Clipper Season

However much you hate Dunleavy and think he's awful, I sincerely don't believe he doesn't care about winning. If he didn't care about winning, why would he wear his soles out pacing back and forth for every single minute of the game shouting out plays and fouls to players and refs? If he didn't care wouldn't he just stay with one starting lineup and not change players according to matchups?

Dunleavy, through his actions, shows too much effort to be a guy that is content with losing. He wants to win.

So that being said, just go with me here.

The Clippers have a coach who wants to win and is putting forth effort trying to come up with some. Just a couple of weeks ago the Clippers were a rag tag bunch of no names competing with heart and determination, coming very close to winning against some very good teams.

The bench was empty, except for Jones and Samb who just joined the team and didn't know any plays or have any time to practice. I think Dunleavy did a decent job in those games, keeping them close and did a tremendous job managing minutes between the 7 to 9 guys he had at any given moment.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying I like him or the way he coaches. That is not my point.

My point is HE WANTS TO WIN.

That being said, as Mardy and Mike come back at point, Dunleavy will give them more minutes than Baron Davis if he thinks he has a better chance of winning with them.

I believe in his mind his job is to win. It is not his job to make Baron happy.

So, the Clippers will start getting better from here on out (baring more injuries of course). They will be more competitive and actually start winning some games.

Marcus Camby wants to win. Eric Gordon wants to win. I see it in their demeanor. It's who they are.

I also see it in Dunleavy.

Logic tells me that the Clippers are set for a big turn around. Don't be surprised if things start looking up with the return of Collins, Taylor and Kaman.

So what happens to Baron? I think there are only two things that can happen.

1. He gets with Dunleavy's program and figures out how to make it work.

2. He doesn't put forth the effort needed and gets benched/limited minutes. If he's unhappy with that he may claim his back hurts (ala Al Harrington while he wanted to be traded) and take himself out.

I don't think he can be traded this season. I don't think they would buy him out or waive him. I don't think Dunleavy would be fired to get a coach the would "fit" Baron better this season either.

So suck it up, stop dreaming of a new coach and get ready for better Clippers basketball as the season closes. With or without Baron.

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