Should I Renew My Tickets? Will You?

This has got to be one of my worst seasons as a Clipper Fan.

Everything that was familiar, whether good or bad are gone. From the start of the season I was taken away from my family and placed in a strange foster home.

EB's integrity, Caveman's blocks and cleanup around the rim, UhOh Maggette-Os gagillion free throws per game, Cuttino "Bingo" Moooooobley, Sam's awesome trash talking and windshield wiper slow mo post moves, QRoss's defensive effort. All gone. Where's my Clipper team? (Even the arena announcer's "shoooooooting twooooo" and the little sparkly sound and flashing lights for made free throws are gone. God, they fired the guy who hit the sparkly button, too?)

In came a new team with my focus on Marcus Camby more than Baron, personally. Marcus encompassed everything that I believed the Clippers were, and he was one who could take over the ship. He plays with effort and shares the ball. He prides himself on defense and team play. Plus, he is the elder stateman of the team, an experienced veteran who seems like a truly nice guy.

So I went to the first game of the season. I showed up early for autograph alley and met Marcus, Baron, Eric, DeAndre and had them all sign my Clipper Backpack. Marcus did not rush through the line of fans but took his time and talked to us - seemed like a truly nice guy. Maybe I could fall in love with the "new" Clippers...

Now at this point in the season, looking back, I wonder if I felt like this last year. I wish I was on CN back then to compare my feelings now.

I doubt I was this depressed about being a season ticket holder. I have to admit that the way the economy has tanked has definitely affected my mindset about the dollars lost supporting this team. I guess last year I felt bad about how much I spent on tickets, with how bad they were - but I think the loss of EB offset my dissappointment. How could they even have a chance without him?

This year, with times even tougher than any other in my lifetime, I find myself wanting more for the $$ I have spent on the Clippers. I don't want to hear about suspensions for drug use and I can only take so many injuries as an excuse for poor play.

So forget it! Don't renew my tix, burn my Clipper gear and start rooting for the Thunder or maybe the Heat? What team would be my favorite if I ditched the Clippers?

That's the sad part.

With all that's happened I LOVE watching Eric Gordon. I LOVE watching Marcus Camby. I really like Mardy Collins and Fred Taylor. I'm in suspense to see if DeAndre and Mike Taylor can develop into consistently good players.

Baron, Zach, Chris, Al, MDSr - all necessary evils in the NBA I guess. I'm happy when they do well but I'm not a fan of any one of them, well – maybe Chris if he comes back strong...

I went to the Knicks game and Staples was electric. For one night, it seemed like a glimpse of how good this team could be next year. Then I went to the Boston game. What effort!


More injuries, horrible losses with no effort and the DTS "profanity laced tirade". What an idiot! Being upset with your employees is one thing, cussing them out, much less in front of outsiders is simply wrong. From all accounts DTS' reputation as a human being is questionable at best.

Giving Donald Sterling my hard earned dollars just does not sit well with me. So now I am seriously thinking I will not renew my seats.

What do you think Clipper Nation? Am I overreacting?


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