Mike Taylor and our future core

Look, I've got to write something positive. All this depressing news around the team justs paints a bleak picture everytime I think about the Clipps.

So, I wanted to bring up one of the only peices of good news I've seen recently and that is the play of Mike Taylor.

Just so you know, I've not really been a fan of his since he was drafted. Too often I'd see this super human six million dollar speed merchant dart around the court but with no poise and poor decision making skills. He didn't seem to be able to see a pass or hit a shot with any regularity.

However, whilst the team have shown how pathetic they really are recently, Mike has shown like a little second round star and made me think he's got an important part to play in this teams future.

Look at Rajon Rondo. Granted, he's got 3 all stars around him but he's got similar build and speed to MT. It shows a player like Mike can be a starter in the NBA with the right players around him. I'm impressed by the way he seems to be maturing whilst still using his gifts and enjoying his basketball. He's come from the D league so he's not grown up as an overpaid pre-madonna but someone who's taken some knocks and come back. This gives him some grit and determination. He's also striking up a good understanding with DeAndre.

So, where does he fit in. Well, the core of players I'd like to see go forward from here would be

  • DeAndre Jordan
  • Zach Randolph
  • Eric Gordon
  • Mike Taylor
  • Mardy Collins
  • Steve Novak

To me, everyone else is tradeable. There is no point keeping Kaman as he never plays so it's a waste of money. Camby is going to decline so won't be here when this team develops. Baron has improved but unless he comes back a lot fitter next season, what is the point.  I can't say where I'd like to put Ricky Davis but it isn't on this roster. Still unsure about Thornton and his future. The team plays ok when he's not in it but then he comes back and has good games. Shot is still too inconsistent and I'm not sure his b'ball IQ will every improve.

So, I think with another season as backup PG, MT could have a starting role here in the future. It's fun to think of a coach that likes a more running style of basketball with MT and EJ on the court and DJ hitting those alley-oops. Well I can dream....

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