What are your opinions on the most hated ex-Clippers?

ClipperNation, let me me rejuvenate some hatred around the atmosphere.  I would love to have some feedback from the loyal and hopeful Clippers community.  I was reading some articles about the NBA playoff and how many teams contain useless Clippers player.  How such great players completely failed in a Clipper uniform.  Hell, the best player in the playoffs as a Clipper on a new team is easily Andre Miller, and even second best is possibly Lamar Odom.  After that, Mikey Moore tops the list?  But really, as a Clipper community, whomever that was in a Clipper jersey, do you hate the most?

To top the list, easily the biggest disgusting and foul tastes in our mouths would be Elton Brand.  Or as in comments I have seen from a dedicated post by Mikey P, F Elton (funny because when i first saw that, i immediately thought of Raymond Felton of Charlotte Bobcats.)  Elton Brand had the hearts of Clippers fan.  We treated him as the best and most trustworthy powerforward within the league.  He was the horse, mr. double double, E.B., the franchise player and so forth.  We could never have blamed Brand because he was that player who was too loyal, who always kepted to his word.. right?  Thats where Clippers fan felt completely foolish.  Before the 2008 season started, Brand tore his Achielles tendon, a severe injury that was pratically season ending.  Hell, coming back before the season ending was a miracle.  But he came back and he received a standing ovation from the crowd.  During the offseason, Brand decided to opt out of his final contract and explain to the Clippers that he was opting out of his contract to provide more money for the Clippers to sign another free agent.  We signed a veteran such as Baron B-dizzle Davis, and what did Elton Brand do?  Sign with the 69.. i mean 79er's.  Yes, Elton Brand's departure has put a strain on my likings toward the 79'ers.  That Phili team is still Iverson team and would be nothing without him.  Not Brand, not both the Andre's, or even Dalembert will make a difference.  Really, Elton Brand, you top the list of the "we hope that your achielles tendon will continue to act up, and as far as you live, and that we wish that you never win a championship title because you were too afraid to play in the West.  We hope to see you again at Staples Center so we can boo the daylights out of you.  Yes Elton, your the most hated person in Los Angeles currently."  I say that he's the most hated person in L.A. because, quite frankly, Lakers fan even said its "messed" up ( but with the F word) what he did.  Hell, and Lakers fan hate us.  Doesn't matter because their pretty ignorant to begin with.

I dont think I have a second most hated Clipper thus far.  I dislike Sam Cassel for ditching us because of his ambition to win a championship, and i also dislike Andre Miller for leaving, but really, these players did what they did.  They were blunt, and explained that they didnt want to be in L.A. anymore. 

But hell, since I dont have a large list of Clippers hatred someone generate their list please. 

How about we also start a list of players we loved/ love. 

Let me top the list by adding Steve Novak.  Clipper love, i know we embrace Novak.  My girlfriend loves this guy, and she doesn't know alot about basketball.  I think what strikes our hearts for his guy is his sweet stroke.  I mean comon, who the hell was Steve Novak before the beginning of the season.  People were joking around about how the Clippers will do well with "Novak."  Something during the year, his stats were on fire and he was known as one the sweetest strokers in the NBA.  Novak, i appraise you.  I know your loved by Clippers fan because I've seen people at the Staples Center fan store asking for Novak jerseys. (I've wanted one also.)

Let me add onto that list by saying that the most loved Clipper would probably be World B. Free, but i can't say anything because I wasn't in that era.  Loy Vault?  Still not there.  I was more inside the Corey Maggette, Elton Brand years, but did watch the Clippers when Odom and Q-Rich played as Clippers.

So Clipper nation, entertain me please with your thorough responses on whom you hate the most and love the most as a Clipper.  Generate a list all for all of us to see and flood my empty brain with knowledge.  Again ClipperNation, this is just a rant, not an actual "post", just like my Fred Jone rant.  Its one of thsoe things where i would love to hear from you Clippers fan. 

Btw, lets hope to see Bosh as a Clipper in 2010! =D

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