57% Want Dunleavy Gone, 42% Say OK If He Stays


So I waited patiently for Clipper Nation to take my poll on what would entice people to buy or renew their season tickets and here are the results so far.

57% said Dunleavy would have to be fired completely for them to buy or renew.

42% said that Dunleavy could stay but only as GM or if the organization somehow got a superstar or a hot new draft pick.

* Ironically no one voted for buying or renewing season tickets if the Clippers retained Dunleavy as coach while hiring a new GM, which is exactly what major news outlets have been reporting the Clippers attempting to do.(I sure hope someone in the organization reads this and gives Sterling  a dose of reality.)

I am stunned.

Let's be real Clipper Nation. The Dunleavy experiment has failed. The combination of players that MDSr has assembled plus himself as coach is not working.

Sure you can point to injuries all year long, but now we've seen that even when they've had their main core healthy it has not looked promising.

Yes, the individual parts have looked exciting at times - Camby's constant effort through most of the season, Gordon's calm demeanor as he drops 3s and slashes to the basket, Taylor's 35 point night at the Garden, DeAndre dunking all over the Lakers, Baron's health returning and dropping dimes in double digits.

All promising. But why can't the individual pieces come together and form more than the sum of their parts? (Why can't they win games they should be winning?)

When I look at all that talent the Clippers have, and see them lose to teams with less talent - badly at that, I can only look to the coach. Sure MDSr could hide behind the injuries excuse for awhile but when the team's wins start depending on the availability of Mardy Collins, something is very very wrong.

31% of Clipper Nation said they would buy or renew if Dunleavy were to stay on as GM while someone else is brought in to coach

Wake up, dreamers! The megalomaniac that Dunleavy is, rumours have been abundant pointing to the fact that he has refused to step aside as coach and will not take a position solely as GM. If he did somehow accept losing his head coaching job while remaining GM maybe he'd pick Isiah Thomas to be his successor!

So basically these 31% can join the 57% in saying that they will most likely not buy or renew their season tickets.

That leaves the 11% who said they would buy or renew if the Clippers somehow managed to get a superstar or top draft pick

Wake up, dreamers! Does it even matter who joins the team at this point? They could draft Blake Griffin and get Allen Iverson and I still would not be optimistic if Dunleavy is still around. Am I alone here? Am I crazy for saying that those two would not be enough to make me renew if Dunleavy is still here?

Isn't Baron Davis a superstar? Isn't Eric Gordon a fabulous high draft pick? Doesn't Zach Randolph give you 25 and 15 consistently? Isn't Marcus Camby a recent Defensive Player of the Year?

Those guys alone should be enough to make any fan want to renew. But all those tasty dishes are covered by a foul stench that can only be known as Dumbleavy. His presence sucks out whatever life there is left in the team.

Get real Clipper Nation. Wake up and recognize the odor. It's a moldy old coach that is way past his expiration date. We gave him a fair shot. He needs to go.

Join me in saying "No" to the Clipper organization. I will not give them any more of my hard earned money until Dunleavy is gone. I only hope you will do the same.

(I'm keeping the blanket though. Is that wrong?)








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