Lovely article on Donald Sterling in ESPN the MAGAZINE

anybody else read that article?

i tried to find it online but couldn't find anything.


the article was a good 5 or so pages

it detailed how sterling started out and got his riches buying real estate in souther california in the 60s onward and held onto them. then his ownership of the clippers. the article wasn't afraid to bash sterling about every aspect of his life from his blatant racism and discrimination to his ridiculous cheapness when it comes to the clippers and just about everything else


some good tid bits from the article

clippers are 701-1317 overall since sterling moved the clippers to la

.347 winning % is the worst outof any sports team of all the four major sports

i don't think there is as much blame on past gms and coaches as there is on sterling

something i couldn't believe was that... sterling refused to pay a $1000 prize for a free throw contest until he was sued for fraud.. are you kidding me? $1000?

it also details how sterling is notorious for how he recommends meals for his guests without ordering anything for himself... and forces them to share with him...

WTF. who does that!? That's the first time i've ever heard anyone do that... let alone a billionaire


His business practices are also blatantly racist. Sterling "wanted tenants that fit his image... no blacks, no mexican-americans, no children... all the blacks in this building, they smell, they're not clean... mexicans that just sit around and smoke and drink all day... so we have to get them out of here." When asked to do mandatory repairs for a black tenant in one his apartments, he rufused and said "i am not going to do that. just evict the bitch"

also his sexual harassment charges go on and on forever... "when you pay a woman for sex, you are not together with her."


the article just left a really bad taste in my mouth... just made me hate sterling even more. only shining light is... he's 76 and hopefully on the way out... i know, it's a terrible thing to say... but c'mon... he's a terrible person.

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