Clipper, aren't any of you guys tired of the lack of respect that our team gets?

I was reading comments in this article:
(click that link inside and read if you like, but im sure you guys already know the types of comments we get)

and got so annoyed by everythin they have to say.  Really, shall we just go on and make fun of every other team that comes at us?  Lakers?  Fakest fans i know.( and ignorant as f*) Cleavland?  Nothing without Lebron.

Going down comment after comment, they say that Griffin's career will be over before it starts, that the nba isn't dominanted by a big man anymore.  Well, lets run our mouthes ClipperDome!  Since when did we only have one star on our team?  EG?  Arguably the best and underrated rookie this year.  Al Thornton has the potential the be as good as Rudy GAY, and i still prefer Thornton.  No homo.

Baron Davis may be getting fat and lazy, but we have hope.  That two time all star is a star, just doesn't have great work ethics.  When he does, he's easily top 5 point guard in the league.  Truth is, even with his bad season, he's probably a top 10 point guard still. 

But hey, so many talks about losing is in our DNA.  That's fine.  We know one thing, we're the best possible fans in the world.  Even through the thickest of times, we're not LA weather fans, cough Fakers.  Hell, Cleavland was crap before Lebron.  And atleast we're not Canadians.  Chris Bosh needs to get out.

ClipperNation, we might be limited in fans, cheap owership, and hated from other fans, but let's fight on.  This post was probably out of annoyance to other teams, as i decided not to bash all the teams.  Reality is, Clippers need to start winning, and fast.  For all the stupid fans in the other LA weather team, I will NEVER EVER go for them.  I don't plan to root for a team just because they're winning.  I never want to even enjoy Kobe play.  I will admit he's good, but will never end that sentence without adding adjectives.

Truth is, I probably am getting tired of the criticism.  But i know, the lanyard around my neck and the shammy i recieved, on the roof of the truck of my car( and my soon to be New Era Clipper hat), Clipper's are my team, I won't switch like all the other Fakest fans out there. 

Edit one last time:  Blake Griffin not a good defender?  Cannot dribble?  Cant shoot outside the paint?  Defense can be learned.  Blake Griffin may not be the Marcus Camby in block shots, but as long as he can stay in somebodes face, aka Tyler Hansbrough, he isn't bad at what he does.  As for Blake not being able to dribble, watch some of his games, or be lazy and watch a few Youtube films.  Blake actually steals the ball and dribbles across the court.  Or even Dribbling and dunking against another PF.  And not but not least, Blake not being able to shoot outside the paint.  Who cares?  Amare couldn't do it.  Look where he's at now.  Or how about Dwight Howard.  How about Carlos Boozer.  Boozer still can't shoot, but he's a dog down low.  Blake Griffin's criticisizers lack knowledge.  I was a little skeptical of Blake's talents also, but now, I'm hoping he can prove the world wrong.( not that i wasn't before.)

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