Dunleavy, DeAndre, Randolph and whom the 2nd pick should be?

Before I start on my homework and start studying for my midterms( its 1:43), I want to start up some controversial topics.

So to start it off, inside BD's letter, there grew an intresting topic that i accidently started up.  Apparently there was many controversy between me stating that D'Antoni would do a better job than Dunleavy.  Well, for one, I don't take it back, and i defintiley believe it as true.  If we compare the teams that Dunleavy and D'Antoni has had, we can definitley say that Dunleavy was given the best team, but wasn't able to put it to it's fullest potential.  With a team with MAgic, Worthy, Divac, and so forth ( i really dont want to look up the names of what that '91 Laker team has), we would have expected a fight with the Chicago Bulls.  Granted that the team was led by Michael Jordan, one year after that, he was fired.  Why?  Well, i have a theory.  Maybe he just wasn't that good of a coach.  Later on, he continued to migrate over to different teams until he hit Portland, which too was stacked full of potential ( you guys are going to have to look up the names.)

Yes, there are Dunleavy defenders out there, and there Dumbleavy haters out there, but the reality is, D'Antoni is on a different scale.  Dumbleavy has no set plays.  Honestly, the pick and rolls are complete crap.  The only real ways I've seen the Clippers score are with the proven scorers of the teamn, which should be all seeing as how all of them are known for their scoring abilities. 

The way D'Antoni plays his offense is a work of art.  But hey, how the hell was D'Antoni going to play his type of offense with a slow fart like Shaq on his team. 

Hey but I have an idea, maybe if we get Shaq, maybe we should keep Dunleavy.  Does anyone not agree with me that by the only way Dunleavy can win is with an established bigman?  Sure, you can throw Zach in that mix, but his defense is far too lazy. 

Quick question to anybody, what is Dunleavy's style of play, because as Clipper fan watching as much Clippers game as I can, I can't completley determine the tempo that we play at. 

Controversial Topic #2.

Is DeAndre Jordan really going to be that good?  I have so much doubt in my mind with this kid.  This kid is defintiley the biggest project the Clippers have next season.  With Jordan, its a no risk 2nd pick, but really, I think the Clippers might have gotten better results with DJ White instead, having two Indianna players who could possibly work well together.

Sorry ClipperNation, In DeAndre, I only see a Marcus Camby type player without the outside touch.  Im sure there's going to be people who argue with me saying that DeAndre is very versitle and athletetic, but really, has anyone seen his inside game?  It is complete crap.  I've seen him post up, get so close to the rim and miss.  Now, it could be rookie jitters and all, but his post up moves are .. well.. nowhere.  All his points in that Laker game where he scored the most baskets in his careers, were dunks.  Can he be a Dwight Howard player?  I highly doubt it.  If he does, well than, I'd gladly give up coffee and buy season tickets just to watch Jordan play.

Controversial topic #3.

Given the 2nd choice of hte draft, should the pick be given to Ricky Rubio, Hasheem Thabeet, or Demar Derozan?  Im having a tough choice beliving in Ricky Rubio, thinking his moves are a bit sloppy.  I enjoyed Thabeets game during UConn, but again, he looks a little more established than Jordan.  Derozan?  I like his athletism.  Is there anyone else in the draft that should fall in the 2nd pick?

Question #4 *edit
Does anyone completley agree with the Zach Randolph pickup?  I felt like he's added more baggage than support.  While Randolph is a great scorer, that contract is HUGE.  It's bigger than Stephon Marbury's ego/ forehead.  Dont get me wrong, they got a great player in Zach, but at the risk of my favorite player Cuttino Mobley?  Really, if the Clippers don't want Zach anymore, who can they exactly trade him for?  Zach really isn't the top of the class in market value.

Anyways, i enjoy ending my "fanpost" with a quick food for thought.  I really like Cliptakular's and Clip Show's profile pictures.  Cliptakcular's picutre is of "Cassel's 19" jersey, and Clip Show's is of the red Clippers logo jersey.  Oh, and of course Lawlers Law of Steve Novak's game winner. 

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