Clipper Clippings - June 12, 2009

Sorry that there hasn't been a Clippings post in a while.  It was slow for like a day there, and then some stuff started coming in, but citizens Lawler's Law and STUCK IN LA were beating me to most of it in the FanShots.  So most of these deserve a tip of the old cap to someone or other. 

SBNation Mock Draft - Ridiculous Upside
Ridiculous Upside is hosting the SBNation mock draft, which is up to pick 6 as I type.  I made the Clippers pick.  Guess who I went with?

2009 NBA Summer League Schedule - Ridiculous Upside
Speaking of Ridiculous Upside, Ridiculous Scott has the inside scoop on the Vegas Summer League schedule.  The Clippers first game (and therefore hopefully Blake Griffin's first game as a Clipper) will be on Monday, July 13 versus the Lakers. I'll pull out the full LAC schedule in a separate post.

HOOPSWORLD says MDsr starts the season on the Hot Seat
Hat tip Citizen Clipper Chuck on this one.  It makes logical sense, and Andy Roeser has made noises to this effect in conference calls and season ticket holder meetings.  But you just have to ask yourself - if 118 losses over two seasons, including a 41 point loss to the Thunder on Fan Appreciation night, isn't enough to lose your job, what exactly will be?  By the way on that Thunder loss.  Really bad idea to have the last game of the season be a hyper-humliating loss.  That's the 'Latest results' that shows up for the team for the next seven months.  Every time I go to the team page on ESPN or Yahoo!, there it is, staring at me in the face. Clippers hope to turn around shaky Draft luck with Griffin
Hat tip to Citizen Lawler's Law.  Dave McMenamin from finally checks in with his story from Griffin's workout. Guess he's been busy with some other LA NBA story, though I can't think of what that might be.

Exit Interviews: 2008-2009 Los Angeles Clippers - Talk Hoops
Hat tip to Citizen Lawler's Law.  Talk Hoops provides an assessment of last season, and it's not pretty (though not inaccurate).  Kevin makes a special guest appearance, sort of like Heather Locklear.

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