A Random Trade Thought...

I'm not usually one to post trades (except for the occasional suggestion as to who I would like to make a run for).  But I was playing around with a trade checker and pulled off a 3 team deal that seemed to make some sense.  I haven't put too much thought into all the details, and their are parts of this deal that go against what I would like to see the Clippers do, but I thought it was interesting none the less (trades are really about compromise anyway)...


It might be easier to see this trade here


Clippers :

Incoming Players :  Caron Butler (Washington), Darius Songaila (washington), Greg Buckner (Memphis), Darko Milicic (Memphis), #2 pick in the draft (via memphis)

Outgoing Players:  Zach Randolph (Washington) Al Thornton (Washington), Marcus Camby (Washington), Minnissotta pick (to Waashington)




Incoming:  ZBO, Thronton, Camby, Minny pick

Outgoing: Caron Butler (Clippers), Darius Songaila (CLippers), Antawn Jamison (Washington), #5 pick (to Memphis)



Incoming: Antawn Jamison, #5 pick


Outgoing: Darko Milicic (Clippers0, Greg Buckner (Clippers), #2 pick (Clippers)


Washington is well over the cap as they stand right now.  In this scenarion they take Randolph but actually save money long term, thanks to Cambys expiring deal (which they would have no problem trading away at the deadline).  They replace Caron Butler with Thornton, which is admittedly a downgrade, but Thornton is young, athletic, and cheap.  ZBO is a better post scorer than Jamison, and defensively Jamison wasnt great on the block either.  Camby, Thornton, Randolph, Arenas keeps them competitive in the East while helping them get back in the right direction financially.  They also would be deferring drafting a player who they would have to pay 54-5 mil to for another year or two...


Washington gets Antawn Jamison, a versatile offensive 4 and a good character guy for Darko and Buckner.  They swap the #2 pick for # 5, and with the possibility that Rubio doesn't want to play for them and the fact that they would have to buy out his contract, that doesn't seem too unrealistic to me, considering they are getting Antawn Jamison.


And for our beloved Clips, we pick up the type of wing player most of us agree we need in Caron Butler, and also shave a couple of mil off the payroll (plus Darko is an expiring deal, but could be a valuable backup C...Buckner is expiring too).  We basically eat Songailas contract, but he's a serviceable backup 4 in my opinion.   Clips also draft Rubio #2 Baron Davis, EJ, Butler, Griffin, Kaman is your starting liineup heading into next season, plus you still have some contracts to work with.  And you have an incredible bunch of young talent.  I personally would throw in another pick to memphis to sweeten that deal if they were hesitant.


Its possible Memphis would have absolutely no interest in Jamison, but they are weak at the 4, and hes a proven scorer.  Best of all hes not really costing them all that much more (about 2 mil a season with the departures of Darko and Buckner.  Wizards fans might not be in love with the deal, but it might make a lot of sense to their management


Anyway thought Id throw it out there to see where people are at on that deal.  I personally am not crazy about the idea of throwing Griffin into the starting lineup right away (I am in the minority that likes ZBO), and we would still be thin at the 3,  but like I said before, making trades is about compromise...


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