Some chains you just can't break

Ever since Bo Kimble was the number one pick of the Clippers I'd been a season ticket holder off an on while the Clippers displayed their wares at the Sports Center. Once they moved to Staples I checked out their first game and watched Lamar Odom put on a debut show that I've never seen equaled by anyone and decided to jump back into the pool again.

During the Clippers stint at Staples they have gone from bad to fun/exciting to disappointing to playoff bound to disappointing to bad and by the end of this this year I felt I'd had enough. When my partner bowed out I felt sure that I'd attended my last game as a season ticket holder. I wasn't done with the team, it just seemed to easy to buy single seats on game day to bother with the expensive outlay months before the season started. Hell I had 20 games and only went to about five games this year and always by myself as my wife just lost interest and I just wasn't interested in taking Laker fans to my Clipper games and hearing from them how awful they were.

Still it was hard for me give up the idea of being a season ticket holder so I posted here if anyone was interested in partnering with me and for a moment I thought I'd found a partner, and I'd convinced myself to stick around to see what difference a Blake Griffin could do for the franchise. However he backed out Monday and on Wednesday  I was notified by the Clippers that my seats were being dropped since I hadn't renewed.

At first this news didn't bother me as I expected it but as the day wore on my decision to give up being a season ticket holder wasn't setting well with me so I decide to call Tomika, (the best rep in the business) and being a good salesperson she talked me into coming to Select A Seat on Saturday and that she would hook me up with another partner if I renewed. So I renewed, got my Select A Seat appointment and relaxed.

By Saturday morning I was getting excited about going as this was the first time I'd bothered going to Select A Seat. I'd always loved my seats but we always wanted the row in front of us because while it was called Row Two it was actually the first row of the section and would allow us unhindered viewing. When we first started going to Staples the seats were used by a couple of cute kids (boyfriend/girlfriend) whose Dad had the seats and for several years they went to most of the games. Then things happened, they broke up, he become a fireman but lived to far away to use the seats very often and strangers and not big fans were using the seats more and more.

I got to my 10:30 right on time, found Tomika and quickly found why the Clippers have some problems. She was using a season ticket list to find my name and can you believe the list was sorted by first name. Now being in Business Application business where business reporting is my forte I can tell you that using a list sorted by first name is not conducive to a quick find. There are alot of Phil's but only one Gurnee. Eventually my name was found and she gave me the rundown on how it works and off I went.

I wasn't expecting anything but headed down to my seats to see what seats had been given up and to my joy and surprise the seats in front of us were available. We had eyed these seats since the first game we had gone to and now they were mine. The only thing I had to worry about was someone with more senority coming by and also wanting them but the grace period passed and the sales rep handed me the papers and took me up to do the upgrade. Lesley took care of me and you would have thought I'd have left but no, now I knew I'd easily be able to partner up with these seats so I went back into the bowl to see what else was available in the 2nd section. Sure enough a hole front row sat empty waiting to be picked. I was sorely tempted, I sat there for 10 minutes but as cool as the front aisle seat was, they were right behind the basket. So I looked around and noticed two seats in the 2nd row on aisle but one section over which put them exactly with the same view line of my current seats. My wife needs to be on the aisle for whatever reason woman need certain things that we don't care about. Being only five feet she also needs a good viewing area. These seats met all the criteria. Aisle, unfettered view because the aisle seat jutted out beyond the seat in front. Only thing missing was the fact it wasn't front row.  No matter, in a bizarre spur of the moment decision I picked up two more seats.

So on Monday, I had no season tickets, and little remorse, by Saturday afternoon I had four and felt like a kid in a candy store and surprisingly no buyers remorse. It is a probably an ego thing but I love being a season ticket holder and evidently I wasn't quite ready to give it up. Also my sub conscious must be expecting big things to allow me to snag two other seats without beating me up about it. This last year was the worse in trying to re-sell tickets but I don't think I'll have any problem breaking even next year.

We won a lottery worth winning. That little sliver of hope is all a Clipper fan needs to build some optimism for the next season. November can't come fast enough.

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