Can the Clippers still get Amare or Rubio?

Now that the draft is finally over, we can easily say that the news of the day is not Blake Griffin anymore.  What seemed like an untouchable day turned into a day where the King of Pop has fallen off his thrown.  I wish the best of luck for Michael Jackson's family, and if there really is an after life, him too. 

Anyways as tragic as the news is, what is your take on what happened with the draft?  Easily Clippers fan knew what was coming.  Blake Griffin to Clippers.  But what about Minnesota practically stealing all the point guards( well almost)?

Anyways, all point guards aside, obviously the Amare deal is not official yet.  So while the deal is unofficial, can we try and pry a package for Amare?  Supposivly Golden State drafted Stephen Curry and is planing to trade him along with Marco Belliani, Andrei Beadrins, and somebody else.  Not a bad trade and not a good trade.  Obviously it seems like Phoenix is giving up a run at the divsion title if they trade away Amare and is planning to rebuild.  Well heres my proposal.  Currently Amare is going to make $17.7M's next season.  The Clippers can easily match that with either Randolphs and Kaman's contract, and some.  Can we throw in Kaman or Randolph and Camby with a Minnesota's first round pick, and Ricky Davis?  We can give away our unused veterans, let Phoenix compete in the 2010.  Granted Amare's contract expires 2010-2011, I dont think Amare really wants to be there anymore.  If Phoenix wants to rebuild, I think a run at 2010 is a better idea than Biedrins and what not.

If Amare is not an option, can we pry one of Minnesota's point guards away from them.  Let's face it, Minny seemed to have overloaded their options at guard, not really considering they did trade away Foye and Miller.  But do they really need Wayne Ellington, Ricky Rubio, Jonny Flynn, or Nick Calathes?  Ricky Rubio, and his dad, seem to have already shown disintrest in playing for Minnesota, why not try and take him away. (Personally I prefer Jonny Flynn, but I dont think the Clippers can take him away.)  Sure, Rubio has a huge buyout.  We can wait.  We're not exactly in the biggest rush at PG yet... well.. that is if Baron can be "Bdizzle" and really is working out in the gym.  Ill hold his and Deandre's word for it.  Well back to Rubio, he can be a bust, but at #5, he's not as big as a risk as #2, which would have made him a bigger bust.  Anyways Rubio's shooting can't be overlooked, but his passing is a huge upside.  Isn't there a way to package somebody for Rubio?  Heck, I'd even be willing to let go of Taylor and even Camby.

Haha, so maybe Taylor and Camby's salary does not match Rubio's, but i would like to think that Minny has salary relief, and Camby's salary could be used to buyout Rubio's contract.  I don't know, I think it'd even more intresting to have the "at one point" considered #1 and #2 pick playing together.  If Rubio doesn't do well, all we lost was an aging veteran and an undeveloped pg (or atleast for now.)

Anyways, maybe these weren't the best of deals, but I'm just saying that possibly a lineup consisting of Randolph (or Griffin), Baron, Gordon, Thornton, Amare sounds pretty damn good.

Or even having Rubio sounds decent( even though his attitude doesn't seem too great.)  I just think that if we can get Rubio and give him a try, he can be pretty decent if he can pass the way he does to Blake Griffin. (:

Anyways, I know I didn't make an attempt at a wingman/ glueguy.  (Seems to be everybodyes concern.)  I just don't want to give up on Thornton just yet.  Yes yes, unprodutive (via MIkey P & John R.) but I really havent heard any wingman open.  Who really knows how touchable Tayshaun Prince is and I really don't think Shane Battier is a trade bait. 

Btw, last remark, Indianna really screwed themselves over in the draft.

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