The Z-Bo Gone Effect

Thank you, Memphis!

With Zach Randolph heading east, the clouded clipper roster may soon take a more solid state. So what next?



1. NOW, re-signing Novak makes sense. With Z-Bo, BG, Flippy, Camby, DJ and Skinner on the roster I could not see the Clips matching any offer to sign a guy that couldn't play the 3 spot. I just could not see it no matter how many times Perrin wrote it. But now with Skinner opting out and Memphis magically making Z-Bo disappear - THEY NEED TO SIGN NOVAK.

Why? Z-Bo oddly enough was the only other 4 who could shoot from outside with any consistency. He made quite a few 3s last season (his decision to launch those 3s not being debated here). But his corner 3s were an important part of the offense when he got pushed way out, or ended up there on a broken play.

As much as Phil thought Radman was a space cadet, I though Vlad filled a great role as a Clipper 4 who could shoot the long ball. Compared to Novak I think Vlad had a better slash and dunk move, but Novak seems to be a far superior shooter. Everyone remembers how deadly he was, but I also remember those games where he went 0 for whatever. Dunleavy may have the luxury of using him more wisely, taking him out of games where he's not connecting.



2. Everyone can now calm down. Seems many Clip fans are worried about getting a gluey small forward. I say fooey to the gluey. I really, really liked the play of Mardy Colins and I have faith in him. He is still young and he is deceptively agile. I remember quite a few games where I watched him get by people in slow motion - almost like how Sam Cassell got by some guys - not everybody, but enough to make a living. I think he showed himself to be a decent defender and a willing passer. Give the guy a chance. Plus there's still that Thornton kid with so much potential...



3.Why sign Fred Jones? See dunk vs. the Knicks @ Staples. How did no other team in the league sign him last year? Former slam dunk champ, able to knock down end of clock 3s over and over again. Remember his explanation of how he was so clutch? "I don't get the ball unless no one else has a shot and usually there's no time left to do anything but shoot it." Haha. Awesome. When Eric needs a breather Jones will be a perfect backup.



4. Hey they're getting Q Rich back, let's make it a reunion tour and get Livingston back too! Wouldn't it be nice to see Shaun back in a Clipper jersey? He needs to finish what he started here in L.A. and make his comeback in front of fans that are really pulling for him. Plus I want to see all those crazy passes and lobs he used to throw to Wheezy, now going to Blake Griffin! Bullet passes, no look, behind the back, through the legs passes to Gordon, Blake, Camby, Baron.... 6'7" Point Guard out of Peoria, Illinois (The crowd roars!)


So in my semi-reality based dreams....My 2009-2010 Clippers!

PG: Baron Davis, Mike Taylor, Shaun Livingston
SG: Eric Gordon, Fred Jones, Quentin Richardson
SF: Al Thornton, Mardy Collins, Quentin Richardson
PF: Blake Griffin, Steve Novak, Marcus Camby
C: Marcus Camby, Chris Kaman, DeAndre Jordan

Benched in dress suit for entire season: Ricky Davis

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