Fooey to the Gluey - Bring on Iverson

This post was sparked by Citizen Zhiv's "Alternative Theory" comment in SPs Al Thornton post.

In his post Perrin implies that the glue concept didn't work when QRoss replaced Mags as a starter. I agree.

Don't get me wrong. I loved Q's hyper karate chop hand defense, his quick feet, trying to draw blocks - but when he needed to make shots - they just did not go in. I felt REALLY bad for him. Opponents left him open and the Clips would hit major scoring droughts as Q missed shots or other guys tried to force a shot up against a double/triple team.

But Perrin says it might work this time. I  disagree.

In Steve's Clipperblogger Summit - Part Four, he laid out his definition of "glue"

I realize that I wouldn't have included Turkoglu or Odom - which begs the question why?  I'm realizing that my own working definition inadvertently requires the "glue guy" to be pretty limited on offense.  Obviously, that's not an advantage per se.  I think the difference is that players as talented as Turkoglu get labels like 'potential all star' from the media while the Battiers and Bowens have to settle for "glue guy" as a consolation prize...

I agree with Steve in that when I think of glue guys I think of guys who don't have much offense. But not Battier. When I think of Battier I think he's a very good offensive player who defers to others and PRIDES himself in (1) Effort (2) Defense (3) Teamwork. So in my book...

Glue Guy = Players that cannot consistently/dependably score at the NBA level or are not athletically "gifted", but have somehow stayed in the league through great effort, teamwork, defense, rebounds, or proficiency in select areas.
Quinton Ross - consistent defensive energy
Bruce Bowen - tenacious D, corner 3
Reggie Evans - not afraid to grab balls on D, rebounder
Ben Wallace - rebounds
Rick Fox - enforcer, dirty defense, 3 ball

Role Player = Guys that have a solid offensive game, but defer to other guys CHOOSING to focus on other aspects that need to be filled - rebounding, "toughness", "scrapiness", "energy", "effort", etc...
(Ariza, Battier, Turkoglu...)

Why I Disagree and Say Fooey to the Gluey!

For the most part I think the age of the glue guy has passed. With the current rules - hand check/touch fouls, allowing zone defenses, it seems to me that to be fairly successful teams need to have guys that can score at every position. The only way you can succeed at a high level with an offensive liability is if he's on the floor at the same time with an offensive juggernaut - aka Kobe or Dwayne and even they need other offensively talented guys around them to win it all. Luke Walton, Glue Guy - no ship (even with Kobe!). Trevor Ariza, Role Player = CHAMPIONSHIP.

Sure aiming for the Clippers to have a Championship team now is ridiculous, and a good glue guy might help beat lower tier teams they face but I would like to believe the Clips are going for it all by getting a "scoring" Role Player (Iverson?) as opposed to a "limited" Glue Guy (Barnes, Moon, Mason?).

Get Scorers, Play Team D

I know it's not a perfect philosophy but here it is.

Start Al Thornton. He can score and will thus keep defenses from overloading on anyone else (BD, EG, BG or CK)

Get Allen Iverson. Clippers can't afford a big drop off in offensive production when the starters take a breather.
Camby coming in for BG or Kaman is probably a minus on offense. Fred Jones was great last year but definitely a drop from Gordon. Collins coming in would be an offensive minus subbing for Al as well. Which makes it even more important to have a scorer like Iverson added to the current roster.

Yes, Iverson's defense may not be the greatest, but ideally he'll be up against 2nd unit guys. Camby can come in with him off the bench. He's a roamer and has made a living making up for porous perimiter defense.

I have never ever doubted Dunleavy's affection and attention to defense. He can stay busy making sure the Clips play team D, while letting Baron run the promised "up tempo" offense.

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