Post Summer League Poll: Should Clips Get Iverson?

I know there's still this weekend left in Summer League but I was curious to see if Clipper Nation has been swayed at all by what they saw so far.

If you don't want me to sway your vote just skip the rest of this post and vote. Otherwise here's my thoughts.

After Watching Some Clipper Summer League Games I Now Think...

Center Position: Excellent Condition
Kaman, Camby - Backup Deandre Jordan (looked like he's progressing fine), Griffin can slide in here as well.

Power Forward Position: Good Condition
Griffin (looked solid and impressive), Camby, Kaman, Novak (if re-signed)

Small Foward Position: Ok Condition
Thornton (still a decent scorer, still developing?), Collins, Q Rich, Ricky Davis, Fred Jones (if re-signed)

IF Al Thornton starts, who gives him a breather? If the opponents are big, maybe Blake can handle a few minutes at the three. I watched some of the summer league games and he looks to me like he can handle the ball ok and could play some minutes at the 3. There's also my favorite new underdog Mardy Collins. Everyone seems to like discounting his skills or plain overlooking them but I think he could do well as a bench guy. He's still relatively young 24, (25 in Aug) solid build 6'6", 200lb. Might be just fine against most second unit guys?

SF Position - Sure you might want better options than Blake sliding over or Mardy Collins but I think it's in better shape than...


Shooting Guard: Questionable Condition
Gordon is solid but then who do you have? Fred Jones (hasn't re-signed yet), Ricky Davis (get real!), QRich (maybe if he gets in shape????)

Point Guard: Poor Condition
Baron Davis (can you say injury prone?), Mike Taylor (see below) and......YIKES! Mardy Collins as your PG again????

After watching Mike Taylor in the summer league...(sigh). I love MT's energy but he does not look ready to be the first guard off the bench, horrible turnovers, tons of fouls. Maybe Steve is right in that Summer League brings out the worst in Mike's game but wow.

Who comes in for Baron? Who comes in for Gordon? What if either one of them gets hurt? When the not hurt guy takes a rest who are your two guards on the floor? Mike Taylor and Fred Jones? Mike and Ricky Davis? Ricky and Fred? I don't even think I have read anywhere that Fred has signed with the Clips! What if he gets scooped up by someone else?

They already have a mediocre player in Ricky Davis back there. They need another scorer in the backcourt. Other than Taylor's career high play at the Garden, he has not shown himself to be able to score the ball when needed. You need scoring in the second unit. Where is it gonna come from? QRich? Camby? Novak will just be smothered at the 3 point line (he's no secret anymore) Mardy? Fred?

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