Marion A Good Fit?

There is a good chance Shawn Marion will end up with the Los Angeles Clippers, as he twirls around in the whirlwind of free agency until the only team with money is the Clippers.  But, while a player averaging 13 and 9 is not to be spurned, Marion performed his best in the free-flowing offense of the Phoenix Suns, almost the exact opposite of the half court, iso-based offense of the Los Angeles Clippers.  Is Marion the best fit for the Clippers?  Even a good fit?  Other options after the jump.



Other SF who could help the Clippers:

1.  Matt Barnes -- Another player who flourished in Golden State Warriors' and Phoenix Suns' type of basketball.  He is an average small forward, with 10ppg and 5rpg. 


2.  Grant Hill -- While an older player, Hill most likely will not demand over 2.5 nillion for this season.  However, Hill is looking towards winning a championship, likely to sign with Boston or Cleveland


3. Eddie House -- A shooter.  Good locker room prescence, but not our answer(in fact, why is this dude on my list?)


4.  Darius Miles -- This guy was great for the Clippers a few years ago, but a couple years and 1 knee later, he may not be the guy we're looking for.


5.  Quinton Ross -- I doubt Ross' game.  He is called "A Great Defender" and "Such A Bad Offensive Player That It's Offensive".  But I consider him an average defender and a horrific offensive performer.  Ben Wallace and Shaq might win a 3-Point Shootout.   ---------Signed By Mavericks----------


6.  Von Wafer -- Young; Unproven.  He may be the player we're looking for, but he may be a waste of a roster spot.  This prospect is a huge '?'.


7.  Wally Szczerbiak -- Not the best defender, but a good shooter on offense and does other things well enough to stay on the floor.  May be a good lure if we try to get LeBron next year.


8.  Fred Jones; Steve Novak -- Is the answer on our team?  Wiith players like Steve Novak, Fred Jones, Mardy Collins, Q Richardson backing up the 2 and 3, are we searching for talent we already have?


Or, we could always look into that Shane Battier guy...

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