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June 5th, 2013

Tonight is game 1 of the NBA finals, as the heavily favored Los Angeles Clippers take on Lebron James and the Cleveland Caveliers.  Fresh off their sweep of the Los Angeles Lakers, the Los Angeles Clippers look to continue their brilliant run through the playoffs tonight.  Lets have a look at the roster that got them there...

The Coach:  Chris Kaman-  Chris Kaman's career ended early, but most Clipper fans feel that he found his true calling as GM/head coach of the Clippers.  The Coach of the year completely outclassed Greg Popovich and Phil Jackson in the playoffs this year.  He has been selected to coach team USA at the world championships this summer, but says he remains focused on this series.  We don't doubt it.


Point Guard:  Jared Jordan-  Former 2nd round draft pick Jared Jordan has been steady as a rock for the Clippers this season, leading the team (and league) in assists.  His place on the All NBA defense 2nd team was proved to be well deserved after doing a fine job on Chris Paul in the conference semi-finals.  It should be a long series for Mo-Williams


Shooting Guard:   Yaroslav Korolev-  Gracing the cover of NBA LIve 13', claiming the leagues scoring title, and winning the All-star game co-MVP apparently isn't enough for Yaroslav Koralev.  After being being narrowly defeated by Lebron James in the MVP race this seaon, Korolev knows he will have the last laugh if he can lead his Clippers to an NBA championship. 


Small Forward:  "Jumpin" James Singleton-  The NBA's Iron Man, Singleton has not missed a game in his 5 year NBA Career.   Singleton held Lebron James to his lowest point total all season (7) when the two teams met back in February.


Power Forward: Keith Closs-    Despite having passed every drug test he has ever taken, Closs has come under constant scrutiny over suspiscion that his incredible physique is the result of PED's.  The reigning 2-time defensive player of the year is 1/2 of one of the most dominant front lines in the history of basketball, and the anchor of the Clippers miserly defense, but this is likely his last season in a Clippers Uniform, as Closs has stated that he plans to retire after this season.  Regardless of the outcome of this Finals, his Jersey will undoubtedly be hanging in Staples Center in the very near future.


Center:  Michael Olowakandi-  The Heart and Soul of the Clippers.  The 12 time All-star, 3 time MVP is nearing the end of his Hall-of-Fame career, but he is still playing at an elite level.  The Candy-man has been willing to do anything to win the ever-elusive championship, which he proved at the beginning of this season by renegotiating his contract in order to free up cap space so that the Clippers could re-sign Korolev.  "Winning is all that has ever mattered to me", said Olowakandi at the time.  Anyone who has ever witnessed his legendary work ethic knows this to be a fact.  Beloved across the league, the aging Olowakandi has made the Clippers a sentimiental favorite in these playoffs.


The bench:


Blake Griffin-  Griffin has been unable to live up to the lofty expectations of a Los Angeles Clippers  #1 pick, and he has spent his career in the shadows of Closs and Olowakandi, struggling to find minutes along the way.   Griffin will need to prove that he can be an energy/hustle guy if he wants to play in these finals.


Daniel Ewing-  The 6th man of the year, look for Ewing to play a significan role at both the 1 and the 2 in this series.  People rarely question Coach Kaman's decisions, but in the Clippers loss to Cleveland earlier this season, his desision not to play Ewing on a crucial defensive stand late in the game was heavily criticized, after cleveland hit a game winner on an inbounds play.



Clippers good will ambassador Zach Randolph will be on hand at Staples center for Game 1 tonight, despite having a meeting with President Palin this morning. 

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