Blake and EJ shined with 57 points but

  the rest of the starters contributed a measly 10 points. However, with BD starting at the point,   the TOs was dramatically reduced to 8! Overall, it was a good game for the Clipers even though they lost.

Entering into the 2nd quarter of the season, our inherent weakness at the 3 and the need for a third scorer is becoming more apparent . I think the scoring need will be automatically solved by the return of Kaman. Meanwhile, this responsiblity rest on Gomes,  Butler and Cook (who is surprising everybody BTW)  until BD fully recovers  and is able to contribute some. I am hoping that when this happen, all talents  would merge and blend  as to make our starting 5- BD, EJ, Gomes, Blake and Kaman fully  operational. This could be very well happen  in the beginning of 2011 at  the closing of the 1st half of the season.

It is now very clear that the Clippers should build around  Blake and EJ. They could do this as early as now until the February  trading deadline and must be able to evaluate which available players could blend with the style of playing by both Blake and EJ. They should not hesitate to make drastic changes and should be more agressive in accumulating assets and letting go liabilities. There had been a discussion in the Clipperland as to who we can trade fand or whom.

The names that constantly come out are that of Kaman and Aminu both of whom have good trade values. The 2011 and 2012 picks are also mentioned as a means of getting good veteran talents.   

Outside the team, Melo, Iguadala and  W. Chandler could be available. But would acquiring one of those players improve the quality of the team or would  it destroy whatever chemistry is currently building up.

Club D would definitely scream againts trading any of the U23 unit. Club O would perhaps be more open to this kind of movement.

It is important to note that the current team is slowly emerging as a UNIT. There are still a lot of rough edges to polish, and the Clipperland as a whole is still screaming for some more changes to complete the turnaround they are clamoring ever since the Blake era started.

Let's hope the FO will stay proactive and stay true in their efforts to let the Clippernation rise! 

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