I wonder if we are still looking for a trade?

After the blockbuster trades among Orlando, Phoenix and Washington, could it be that the Clippers who are laying low have something going on in the trade market?

With two successive wins on the road, one would be lulled to sleep and be tempted to not do anyting  with the team right now.

They celebrated their  last win like they have won the "NCAA title" and you could just see the chemistry building up with those two wins. My son "M" in one of his postings to  Ralph's FB said "it's amazing what free steak dinner could do"! I hope they brought with them Detroit steaks so that they can have steak every game!

I would think though that there is still something brewing and it could mean a  trade with Kaman as the centerpiece to get a better SF who could be a 3rd scorer during Aminu's development stage and and to get a back up center.

With BD and Gomes coming to play consistently, still there are more to consider in terms of improving the team.

The PG posistion could be stabilized with BD. But he needs motivation and needs to take care of himself physically.

Determining the number of minutes and the timing BD should be playing could be a challenge. Bledsoe's ability is screaming to be used but his TO ration is still high.

Gomes productivity as a scorer is still wanting and this is where we are really weak. But Gomes is reliable as a defender.

DJ is becoming more involved and his playing (which btw is more adapted to Blake & EJ's styles) is showing a bit of maturity and with more playing time (thanks to Kaman's injury) should  improve more. I have never seen him (perhaps because of his limited playing time) play at this level contineously. Having Collins (if Kaman is traded) as a backup coudl be remedied by having Blake play some very limited minutes if NEEDED. The best solution though is to have a better back up and that should be address if there is a trade.

I was surprised how well Smith played with Blake. I can see now the confidence everybody is affording "the BEAST".

EJ is still committing those  silly TO's that put the team in precarious position. EJ is a very good  player, but those TOs are just alarming!

Watching the game last night, our players still showed indicisiveness in closing the game. I would think that after so many close games experienced, they would do better than that.

This is where BD's experience and  leadership  is mostly  needed.

This is also the time when the team plays as one unit focused on  what they need to accomplish in the time alloted to protect the win.

Playing smart and keeping your head is key. ...NOT PLAYING TO BE THE HERO!

To trade or not to trade, that is the question!

Clipper Nation rise!

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