What's in your mind Dunleavy?

Second guessing is a enjoyable game. In chess, it could be detrimental should the guessing fails unless you have in your arsenal of moves  several variations (options) to play.

A lot of us are eager to peep into the future and see what variations MDsr has in his mind. 22 more games and the Clipper season is over (although many considers it's over now) and the unveiling of what is obscure will commence. . Only one thing is certain though which could form the common denominator for all of MDsr options: at the end of the season, only four players are officially signed-BD,CK,EJ & BG. 

So let's play GM and second guess MDsr moves!

Keeping it simple should have been a key. Not so with MDsr's who in the past has shown several moves that could be followed by !!!!!!!!!???????. Moves that are unorthodozed that sometimes for  common fans like us seem to  border the unthinkable- like the acquisition of and dispatching of both  Zbo & Camby. And a single move that could be characterized by simply !!!!!!!!!!! and later on ???????? like the signing of  BD and lately,  most of you would agree, a !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for his stepping down as the coach and perhaps for some of us naming Kim H as his replacement as a !!!?????????. 

Now for a GM, specially when you are dealing with personnel movement, one cannot be predictable. This is a plus for MDsr as his pattern of decision making and choosing options are rarely readable. Had he not been confiding his plans to DTS, DTS must have been scratching his head every time MDsr make a move.

This makes the game more enjoyable as we try to fathom the mind of a Master Plotter like Dunleavy. But most of us fail and all we could do is make comments after the fact.!

Hey, that's why we are rated # 6  and our Steve Perrin should be highly commended for this plus the fact the the citizens are responding gamely even though our team and the organization are failing us.

So let's go on. Do'nt stop for there are more surprises ahead of us!

The show must go on!!




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