Are Ralph & Mike Objective enough?

I recently wrote a message to Mr. Lawler through facebook.  Sometimes i find myself sitting on the couch wondering why he and Mike are not ripping the players' effort.  I guess it  wouldnt make his life any easier but being objective is sometimes giving it to the lagging star or uninterested starter.  Ralph is one of the best in the business...if you have league pass you know that those other guys around the league are actually quite horrible, but still-- i want to see some damn anger.  Especially since most of these guys are not going to be on the team next year anyhow--- here's the exchange.  What do you guys think?


Cueball 123  March 29 at 1:02pm Ralph, thank you for continuting to be positive in this otherwise dim season. I know you travel with the players and have personal relationships with them... but for once i'd like to see you rip them on the air for the lousy effort. Do you think it would be better for the telecasts if you were separated from the team on road trips so that you could be a bit more objective? Thanks again!!!


Ralph Lawler March 29 at 1:42pm We have no problems saying the team or the players are not playIng well or hard. Never-ever been called or reviewed as a "homer." My traveling with the team is a non-factor. More than a few times each season a player or players get unhappy w/us. So be it - we do our job.


Cueball 123  March 29 at 5:22pm

Thank you for your response! I would never question your professionalism... I'm sure that it is a very difficult position to be in for yourself and Mike.

However, sometimes i wish you'd just let loose and single out some players that are lagging during a 15 point loss rather than praising the other team. Examples:

"For a supposed All-Star, Chris Kaman sure is sleep-walking tonight"

"It sure looks like the face of the franchise, Baron Davis, decided to take the night off tonight"

You are the best of the best. Thanks again.

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