To Joe Johnson, or not to Joe Johnson?

I had been thinking about posting this for a while. Can't sleep so here goes. Many people know that there are a few super star free agents available this off season that we could just plug-and-play into our starting line up that would work. For those who don't know, we have five players signed under contract for next year. The team looks something like this.

pg - bd
sg - ej
sf- n/a
pf - bg
c - ck/dj

In my opinion there are three super star FA that are available this summer that we could plug into the 3 spot that would work.

1. Lebron James
2. Dwyane Wade
3. Joe Johnson

Of course the dream scenario would be to sign LJ and stick him into his natural 3 spot. I think this scenario needs the most cosmic allignment to become a reality. It's plausible but I believe Mr. James needs to lose in these playoffs for it to have a real chance of happening. Not saying that if he loses we have a good chance but that's where it would have to start.

Dwyane wade is another option that could work but he is a sg that is listed at 6-4 220 lbs. If he signed with us we could plug him in at the 3 but we would be small at the 2 and 3 position. Once again, in my opinion this could work but we would need kaman and bg to step up their rebounding game. DW is an amazing player that requires the rock in his hand to be efficient. This could be good and bad. The good, it would allow him to score and facilitate our players like he normally does. Him and baron could take turns controlling the tempo. It would allow baron to shoot his 3point shot at a higher percentage because DW would be demanding double/triple teams. The bad, Baron wouldn't be utilized to his fullest potentional when he doesn't have the rock and of course DW would be under sized. Also, DW isn't really a good 3 point shooter but seems to shoot it REALLY well when it counts. So we would really only have 1 starter that shoots the 3 at a high percentage. A lot of things need to work right for this to pan out.

Last but not least is the JJ scenario. If we signed him, we could plug him into the line up with little problems. He is listed as a SG but he is 6'7 and weighs 240 lbs, which in my opinion is a good size for a SF. The good, the guy can shoot, pass, rebound, and defend. He creates his own shot and can facilitate for others. The bad, he technically would be playing out of position and some have said he would be a little small at the sf position but I don't think that but that's just my opinion. I really don't know the average starting sf size so I can't verify with facts.
Here are his numbers.

<!-- m --><!-- m -->

Basically, beside lebron, JJ would fit into our line up with the least problems. Of course Lebron would be the better fit but JJ is just another option.

This is the big question. JJ is unrestricted and can go where ever he feels like going. He has stated that he wants to leave Atlanta previously and he is from LA. He is currently making $14,976,754 this season.
<!-- m --><!-- m -->
He is turning 29 years old next month so basically he would be 29 starting next season. He isn't playing really good in the playoffs right now which might hurt his values for his up coming pay day. But, his career playoff #'s are pretty much the same as his career #'s during the regular season. So the big question is how much are we willing to pay this guy to get him here and would he except it. The max that we could offer someone is somewhere around 16.25 million dollars a year. Is he worth that much? No. Can we get him for less than that? Probably. I think he is worth about 5 year 60 million which is about 12 million a season. Can we get him for that much? It all really depends on what he wants to do. Does he want to leave Atlanta and come back home? If thats the case I think he jumps on a number close to 60 million for 5 years. I think if we offer him the max 16.25 mil he would be REALLY interested and probably signs considering no one else offers him that much. Even if someone else does no one can give him more than that except Atlanta. Do they want to give him that much? Does he really want to stay there? I have a few question for topbuzz.

1. What is the maximum amount of money you would offer JJ? What is the minimum amount you think he would sign for?
2. Do you think he would plug into the sf spot with little problems?
3. Do you think he want to stay in Atlanta and do you think they want to offer him a max 6 year contract?
4. How much better(if at all) does JJ make the clippers?(Considering everyone is healthy starting next season)
5. Can we make the playoffs with bd,ej,jj,bg,ck as our starters?(keeping in mind we would have dj on the bench and probably enough money to sign a small nice piece to our bench but it would really depend on how much was left over if we signed him)

Of course there are other variables that would influence any signing like who is going to be our coach and what position we draft at. Lets just say we land 1 of the top 5 coaches that are available and we draft at #8. What is your opinion?

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