Lebron's Criteria for Moving......

Ego foremost, power next and finally wealth.  Of course,  the last two are big feeders of his ego.  His celebrity status will not be influenced by the size of the city. Wherever he goes and stays, he will still be a celebrity. He has already proven this by choosing Cleveland as his first station( not demeaning the place). His ego imbibed what the city could give  until it could give no more. Fortunately for Lebron, the other NBA cities hunger for his presence and his ego has been constantly fed.

This made his ego grow bigger as his appetite surfeited with the recognition and craves for more and see ego can never be satisfied. So what's next?.. The roving eyes  of ego are focused in a place with more "food".

Under this criterion, the cities that vie for Lebron could be ranked as follows.......New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, New Jersey and Cleveland.

Power....As I said earlier, power is a great feeder of ego. Lebron is a control freak, believe it or not. Lebron controled Cleveland!!! Heck, he controls the  NBA.  He's got the NBA "in his hands"! But could he control New York where baseball is king....where the Yankees are loved more than the Knicks? Los Angeles though is a basketball nation. The latest cult in the city (and I hate to say this) is the Lakers with it's "high priest" by the name of " Kobe". But the high priest is aging and pretty soon will have to give up his robe to a worthy successor. Is there a possibility of taking "the robe"  by force sooner?  Miami? Not possible while the scepter belongs to Wade. No king would want to share and divide his kingdom while he is still strong.  Chicago is there to take without much fight, while the  "Rose(s)  are not in  bloom yet.  And Chicago is practically "undressing" ( pardon my language) in front of Lebron! New Jersey is very easy victory and invaded and ruled hands down. Cleveland is like a raped woman waiting for her lover to come back. Chicago easily wins this one! But if Lebron's ego wants the challenge, then I said New York and Los Angeles are the biggest contenders.

Money always talks. They say that "money begets money". And money is where New York is. Lots of it! Lebron has learned to be an enterpreneur and a very succesful one. He understands that one does not get filthy rich by depending on  ones salaries. He realizes that he cannot work for money but money has to work for him. Unfortunately, "Mamon" does not want to be controled. "Mamon" wants to control. Just look around and  see.    

The "money city" of the USA is New York. Is there money in Los Angeles? of course there is. But not as much as New York could offer. So bye bye Miami, New Jersey and Cleveland.

At he end, as wise said by King Solomon, evrerything is "Vanity". And Self is lured to be clothed by "Vanity"

Think wisely Lebron..... for .there is also a saying that goes like this........."What does it profit a man to gain the whole whole but loses his life" ?

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