Only Lebron sales pitch

Now that chicago has come out as a potential lebron suitor thats able to sign two 2010 free agents, our odds have definitely gotten worse.  Sure the current starting five of:

1) Baron Davis 2) Eric Gordon 3) Lebron James 4) Blake Griffin 5) Chris Kaman

may yield you two rounds in the play offs, but it surely doesn't look as formidable as a definite finals team of:

1) Derrick Rose 2) Luol Deng 3) Lebron James 4) Chris Bosh 5) Joakim Noah

To compare the two rosters you start at the point guard position.  Asides from athleticism for the next 7 or 8 years, court vision, and ability to lead a talentless team to the playoffs, Derrick Rose edges out Baron in the efficiency ratings.  Rose produced an efficiency rating of 21.2 while Davis earned a 17.5.  Along with long term vision in mind you have to give it to the Chicago Bulls Derrick Rose.

At the 2 spot assuming Chicago starts Luol Deng at the 2 or the 3 lets still compare the two because they are the closest to position under contract.  Eric Gordon had a stagnant year compared to last producing an efficiency rating producing 13.2.  Luol Deng's track record of getting injured, not really grabbing the team by the throat and leading them when he could have a few years back may raise some flags but even with all that he still produced an efi of 18.  I mean this is the guy, along with Ben Gordon, was almost traded to the Lakers for Kobe Bryant!  Position wise you give this one to the Bulls.  

At the 4, you have Blake Griffin or Chris Bosh.  Sce Blake hasn't played a day of regular season yet and Bosh is Bosh, no stats needed. Chicago wins.

At the 5 you have Chris Kaman vs Joakim Noah. I'd really like to hate noah but you can't deny his defensive and rebounding ability.  Noah averaged 10.7 points 11 rebounds 1.5 blocks and .5 steals.  Chris Kaman averaged 18.5 points 9.3 rebounds 1.24 blocks and .5 steals per game.  What's impressive was that Kaman averaged 9.3  boards alongside Marcus Camby who averaged 12.1 rebounds while on the clippers!  Kaman also nearly doubles Joakim Noah's point total with 18.5 points per game.  Chris Kaman and the clippers win this round.  

So positionally the Chicago Bulls have 3 positions that I view as an upgrade compared to the Clippers.  What I also didn't realize is that the Bulls roster with James and Bosh will not only have 3 all stars but will no doubt have have 3 members of the elite of elite Team USA assuming Derrick Rose gets asked to go to London, which seems likely.  

All you can do...

If the Clippers can get Lebron's Camp and Chris Bosh's Camp to agree to come over if they can clear space I would call Toronto and do a sign and trade with Chris Bosh for Chris Kaman and Aminu, or Baron Davis and Aminu.  Salary wise, it may be tough with Kaman but with Baron it just may work out.  Even than a starting five of :1-Baron Davis, 2-Eric Gordon, 3- Lebron James, 4-Blake Griffin, & 5- Chris Bosh still may not be enough to trump Chicago's power house.  Chicago has two things for its roster 1- Derek Rose at the point, 2- Chris Bosh is WAY more effective at the 4 than the 5.  

At this point all you can hope for being a western conference team is the off chance that Philadelphia realizes that the notion of Iguodala and Turner probably won't work out and they let us just absorb that contract of his and all the potential free agent tag-teams all stay in the east coast.  That would take down Utah and Phoenix in the talent poolgive us a fighting chance.



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