LeBron James OR David Geffen

I'm really just curious. So, this should be fun.

The rumors about Geffen purchasing majority ownership of our beloved losers revolves around Geffen's supposed abilty to attract LeBron James to the ball club. For most of ClipperLand, the fruition of the scenario is a pipe dream because, if the club managed to remove the most hated owner in sports while acquiring the most impactful free agent in sports, the so-called curse would be shattered.

Minus Donald Sterling.

Plus Lebron James.

Plus David Geffen (I'm sure many fans appreciate Geffen's reputation. And he just seems like a cool dude; it's hard to imagine the Blake Griffin's of the world as uncomfortable with Geffen as they would be when they're with Sterling, forced to wine and dine and all that hubub).

The franchise would be forever changed, right? All of us fans could cheer a supremely talented ball club without the lingering stigma that comes with Sterling.

But, what if you had to choose? What if the supreme diety in your life, whatever omnipotent character/force you believe in walked up to you today (athiests and agnostics, imagine the most powerful man on Earth approached you... say, Glenn Beck... sorry, had to do it) and said, "[Your name here], devout Clippers fan, I'm here to offer you a choice: When free agency begins next month, LeBron James will sign with the Clippers, where he will finish his succesful career alongside owner Donald Sterling."

"Or, my child, tomorrow when you wake up, you will hear the news that Donald Sterling has sold the Los Angeles Clippers to David Geffen, who will operate the franchise very successfully. He will be known as one of the best owners in sports. However, I must tell you that he will fail at luring Lebron James to the Clippers this year, and Carmelo Anthony next year."

"It's your choice."

It's up to you to define "successful." But who would you rather have as a member of the Clippers organization, and you can't have both. LeBron James? David Geffen?

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