Summer League Final Game Impressions

I jotted a few notes at the Clippers last summer league game versus the D-League Select team. There is more analysis here and here which I will avoid replicating except where I find it interesting to do so.

* Someone propped up Kim Hughes' tanned corpse Weekend at Bernie's style court side opposite the benches. First he sat silently alone. Then some random group of people sat next to him and he continued to sit and stare in silence. Then DTS sat next to him for a while. That must have been a delightful experience. Then DTS swapped seats with someone and Hughes' tanned corpse returned to sitting and staring in silence.

* John Lucas watched much of the first quarter chatting up VDN. He looked like it was trying to hype himself up for work.

* Baron Davis took up the hot seat next to VDN next and they watched the second quarter together, just as he had the previous season with MDSr. Good news or bad omen? At halftime Davis summoned KA to chat about something to stall the fans who had slid over to try to get autographs etc. The conversation ended just in time for a few quick autographs and photos. Davis watched the second half from behind the Clippers bench rocking his Point God shirt from undrcrwn.

* Blake Griffin is a brown noser and always getting the coaches their clipboards and stat updates.

* There was a sad impostor of the already kinda sad Clipper Darrell in the midst of the Clippers fans. He was doing the chants all slow and worse. If that was a citizen, I'm sorry. Don't do it.

I guess I should say something about the game? I also promised 2000 words on Korolev. That won't happen because I am much more of a tell guy than a show guy, but I did have some thoughts.

* The DLS started Cezary Trybanski at C versus the Clippers' Benson. He is 7'2 with crazy long arms. It makes the game weird having him out there. It was like he could touch any ball anywhere in the key. He could only play 10 minutes because of a shortage of uranium needed to power his mutations.

* At the TrueHoop piece they talk about Korolev on defense. They don't go nearly far enough. When Korolev plays he completely wiped his opposite off the court. Aminu got 21, but that was mostly when he wasn't being guarded by Korolev. Seriously. Aminu got only one point in the first half while Korolev was marking him. The one point was a free throw when Korolev stopped Aminu and Benson two on one but the ball bounced to Aminu so Korolev fouled him. The bulk of his scoring came in the second quarter while Korolev sat out and then to start the third when DLS was doing some cross match thing and Korolev was guarding the 4. Korolev won't even let his man touch the ball. He hedges perfectly; he plays the passing lane perfectly; he even bites on your up fake perfectly leaving your only option to drive into the teeth of the D and Reed Richards back there. Korolev had a bunch of deflections as well. If TrueHoop thought Korolev was being tentative it might be because we so rarely see someone doing it right and its confusing.

* On offense they had Korolev running the point forward and the coach told him more than once that he had the total green light. He needs to avoid dribbling too much. His outside shot looked good and though he was only 1-4 from deep his first was in and out. He was a bad bounce from scoring 14 on nine shots. He was also a foul drawing machine.

* Aminu's shot was falling in the last game which was definitely a welcome sight. Unfortunately, he was either completely true or completely airball. I don't know what to make of that. He made 3 but he also had 3 total misses. I don't remember seeing something like that.

* A bunch of guards threw themselves at the basket off high screens and made a bunch of baskets and turnovers.
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