Getting off of Tilt. Clippers aren't in such a bad state after all.

Before going into this free agency, we knew the LeBron sweepstakes was highly unlikely, nearly impossible.  We reminded ourselves of that before going in.  As it got closer and closer, our hopes started getting higher and higher.

Only to be crushed when the cards did not fall in our favor.  Reality was, the cards were never in our favor and LeBron went to Miami.  We knew this all along, but our hopes were so high.... sent us into tilt.

Pretty soon, irrationality took us over.  We wanted something...anything.  Rudy Gay, Josh Childress, Joe Johnson...TMAC!...anybody!

I'm settling down now....taking a look at this isn't so bad.

Sure, we have a soft spot at SF, but most teams do...who is the center for the Spurs? OKC?  Who is the SF for Orlando?  Not exactly big names or big games for that matter....

Before the LeBron sweepstakes what were we talking about?...ohhh that's right, "if only the Clippers had a glue guy, someone who could keep the offense flowing, defend and do all the intangibles..."

If (and a very big if) Blake Griffin pans out, this is one of the most solid teams in Clipper history (on paper).  Most of the historic Clipper teams were half filled with fringe NBA players, this team (with the exception of Cook) are solid players.  

Clips have a former all-star PG, up and coming SG, glue SF, potentional ROY PF, All star center.  Seriously, this isn't that bad.....

PG: Baron Davis, Randy Foye, Eric Bledsoe

Baron Davis, former all-star, old but not too old.  Definitely lost a step, but still a top point guard if he learns to limit his bad shots. Randy Foye is young, solid and still has potential for upside (but even as he is today, not a bad option off the bench).  Eric Bledsoe is a turnover machine, but still looked promising.

SG: Eric Gordon, Sool, Foye

Eric Gordon was pretty flat and showed little development over the previous year.  Good thing his previous year was pretty solid.  I'm expecting him to break out of the sophomore slump this year and with more offensive firepower in Blake Griffin, this should help EJ get open.  

SF (the glaring weak spot, but not really): Gomes, Sool, AFA

No clearcut starter here.  One thing we as fans really wanted was a solid rebounding SF who had the tools to play tough D.  I haven't seen Gomes play enough to factor in his defense, but I know he can be a solid role player and knock down shots when open.  AFA has the tools for D and has proven to be a solid rebounder in college, which is said to translate very well to the NBA.

PF: Blake Griffin, Craig Smith, Cook, Gomes, AFA

Blake Griffin has to be the real deal if the Clippers plan to succeed.  Everything hinges on this.  If he is as billed, the Clippers are a strong team, if not it is a 20-30 win season.

C: Chris Kaman, DeAndre Jordan, Cook

Chris Kaman is an All-Star.  DJ looked like he regressed in SL and I hope that changes.  Otherwise there will be some depth issues.

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