L.James to announce Decision on ESPN Thursday


It's finally going to end. After endless coverage, mountains of rumors, and dragged out hype, it's all going to end.

All I can say is, wish it was sooner.

It's really terrible when you see:

Citing anonymous “independent sources,” Broussard reported James’ group requested they be allowed to sell sponsorship for the special with proceeds going to the Boys and Girls Clubs of America.

I know you love money L.James, and really, you'll make a lot...but seriously, milking like this makes him the King of Soap Drama... and for he will probably resign with Cleveland. While there's a chance he might go somewhere, honestly, I would say the odds are small. We've each heard the turns of "done deal" for various teams. First before the free agency really started it was the Knicks, before anyone realized just how bad their team was. Then it was the Nets because Jay-Z was a friend. Then it was Chicago because of their nice core. Then of course who can forget the wild moments of L.James going to Miami to form the Dream Team or whatever you want to call it. Now the flavor of the week, just in time, is that he wants to stay in Cleveland and that a deal was already hashed out to send Bosh to Cleveland, pending Bosh getting over that Cleveland isn't a town to do anything. Heck, even the Clippers had their turn in the media when the rage was that if Sterling sold 51% of the team, L.James would come to the Clippers for sure. How convenient that every team has had their turn in the media spotlight...and now we're back with Cleveland.

I hope L.James signs with Cleveland for the max deal length and then proceeds to not win a ring. As much as it would be deserved upon a talent level, this drama stuff is too much. You're just feeding fans more of what is not needed. If you want to build a global empire like Jordan, the fastest way is to win. If you win 5 rings in a row, it doesn't matter if you don't have twitter or a film crew following you around as you make decisions. I don't care if your the "best player that just doesn't have a supporting cast"; we say that for every team except the one that wins the title. 


And that is my rant that I know has plenty of annoyance sprinkled in over pragmatic rationalizing of how the world works and how things are. I never liked the idea of the Clippers, or any team really, groveling to the guy. I never thought the Clippers had a real chance for him. It's 1:30 AM and I'm sick of studying for the LSAT. So if you have anything similar to comment add on about this circus that you haven't already, by all means. 

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