Were Better!!!!!!!

Endless potential, endless potential, its what the Clippers have been called for years. The Clippers didn't get Prince James or Joe Johnson. We did not obtain the old washed up Tracy McGrady or Josh Childress. Clearly the Clippers have a hole in the small forward postion and the roster has not changed that much however I feel a positive future rising. I don't know if it's my biased Clipper ways, but this current Clippers roster has some talent and I think this year it is going to be utilized.

I read all the ball don't lie column's about all the top players at their respective positions. Baron Davis rounded out at ten for the point guard position. Chris Kaman was ranked six at the center position. Blake Griffin was ranked at eighteen for power forwards  and Eric Gordon rounded out at twenty-one at shooting guard. I think the Clippers are in for a surpirse breakout season.

Eric Gordon!! He is playing very well in international play. I know it's not like the NBA, but I think he has improved his game significantly and I think he is set for a breakout season. I think he has always been a good defender, and he has good shooting mechanics and he is very physical so there is no doubt in my mind that Eric Gordon can be an all star if he stays healthy. A few articles have compared him to Dwayne Wade, I don't think he is nearly even close to his ability, however Gordon is only 21 and he averaged seventeen points a game this year and Dwayne Wade averaged sixteen points a game when he was 21. I think there games are somewhat similar, there is no question in my mind that he is going to be better this year than last year.

Chris Kaman: is coming off a great season, I think he's under the radar right now. He is back in MIchigan working out and trying to make a reality show. If he stay's healthy he should put up similar numbers because of that mid range jumper. If he would maybe just take a few less shots and rebound a little more and play some defense then he will improve from last season.

Blake Griffin: If he can play at least 65 games then he will help the team tremendously. This guy is work horse even if he puts up equal numbers to Camby, his presence alone makes him better then Camby in my opinion. I loved Camby, but just because he blocked a lot of shots and grabbed a lot of rebounds I thought he was soft sometimes and Blake Griffin will be anything but soft. Also having Blake Griffin in the post will spread the floor for our shooters.

Baron Davis: he is the determining factor to the success to this team. The Clippers have a new coach and a young fast and athletic nucleus. If Baron actually runs the fast break he will have a multitude of options on the fast break. He doesn't need to score, but he just needs to lead the team and play defense. If he can awake his beard for 82 games then the Clippers are going to look real good. When the Clippers beat the Lakers on ESPN when they were almost .500 that was the Baron David we all expected to see these past two years. If VDN can motivate him to do that every game then he will improve the team tremendously.

Ryan Gomes: I was going through his game logs and he is not a high volume shooter at all. He is nothing like Al Thornton, which helps us a lot. He may not be Lebron James or at top small forward, but he is a solid upgrade over anything we've had over the past few years. Also those comments from DTS will hopefully motivate him the right way. People say that he is not an upgrade over Travis Outlaw, but the season was over when he came and he did not want to be with the Clippers.

Rasual Butler: off the bench I really like this. If he comes off the bench and gets hot from deep, I think he can really help the team during dry spells. I like his game and having him on the bench makes the Clippers much more deep.

Brian Cook: gross!

Randy Foye: I think people don't give him a lot of credit. He may have not lived up to his innicial potential, but Randy has had some great moments in the NBA he can score and he is not a horrible passer. He is another nice asset off the bench. He may not be Steve Blake, but he is coming for a fresh season and he is a better offensive player then Steve Blake.

Eric Bledsoe: this guy is going to surprise people. He is out of control, but he is built and he is incredibly quick. Bledsoe is very Explosive and he will bring instant energy off the bench if his number is called. 

Aminu: is a project, but I think we lucked out in the draft. I really like Paul George, but other than him he might be the other best small forward in the draft. He might struggle at first, but he's going to have a good game at some point and thats going to boost his confidence, and he seems like the type of player that gets nervous until he plays well for a stretch. He got better every summer league game because he got more comfortable and gained confidence. He is going to take some patience, but he has the potential to be a very solid player at least.

Craig Smith: I love his game. He hustles and is very efficient, if he recovers nicely form his knee surgery then he will be a nice 8 ppg off the bench. He just needed consistent minutes last year, there was a stretch last year where he didn't get any playing time for awhile.

Deandre Jordan: He is getting better, I hope. I think VDN will be able to restore some of his doubts. When Deandre just played he was fine when he thought he was atroucious. MDSR just made the guy think all the time by playing and taking him out right when he made a mistake. VDN will hopefully make him play to his strengths.

VDN: not the best option in my opinion for a coach, but he is a major upgrade over anything we have had over the past few years. He seemed like a solid motivator with the Bulls and he got the Bulls to play solid defense. People don't give him enough credit for being in the playoffs back to back seasons.

Conclusion: this team is not nearly the same as last season. We have a new coach and we have some new players. The Clippers got more young talent and we have returning players that have huge upside. If EJ Kaman, and Baron improve then we are already tremendously better. If the draft picks perform then when are better and having Foye and Gomes is going to help our gaping wholes that have given us problems for years. If last years team was almost .500 then this years team should be over .500. I think this is the year that the Clippers loose their endless potential label!!

I hope

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