Early October PreSeason Roadie: Port, Sac, GSW

Looking around for camp invitee, par Monsieur Perrin, DJFoster over at, getting some Fri 9/24 info from "LACx3."  Maybe that's him, maybe it isn't.  I didn't know that DTS has an "oceanfront property," but it makes sense of course.  And somehow I missed the tradition of "the Clippers annual Malibu White Tip-off Party," which DTS is hosting at said property on Sunday.  I assume we should all feel free to stop by, as long as we're white in some form or another.

I also learned, from VDN, that Blake Griffin is going to play the right way, that VDN wants guys that have "the right mentality in terms of preparing the right way, wanting to improve, wanting to be coached."  I assume that improvement and coaching consists of learning and teaching how to play the right way.

But the main thing I got to see was the Clippers preseason schedule, jumping to the next square past the opening of training camp on Tuesday.  And the Clips have three games the following week, all on the road, against intriguing, mid-level opponents, Best, Better, Good, just like buying home supplies at Home Depot.

Preseason means too much for the Clippers, we all know that.  It should mean nothing, and it does mean nothing.  The main thing about training camp and preseason is to keep everybody healthy, and that alone has been much too difficult for our hapless Clips over the years.  Offseason preparation is better and improving--guys are preparing the right way--and that should cut down on calf strains and hamstring pulls, and the yoga must help there too.  Camby's training camp injury two years ago made Tim Thomas the opening day starter and Baron Davis hurt his back in the preseason that same wonderful year.  The Clips seemed to do well staying healthy in training camp and the preseason last year, until that pesky little Blake Griffin injury.

Not sure where Portland is expected to finish in the West by the pundits, but it's safe to say that everybody is picking them well ahead of the Clips.  Our good pal Camby is welcome to sit out the entire preseason the way he did on the Clippers.  Isn't he old?  Oden needs to conserve his minutes too, right, and he should go onto the Yao24 program, don't you think?  Always nice to see Andre Miller, the great Humanitarian, always a pleasure.  We remember the way he livened up the annual Malibu White Tip-off Party back in the day, getting off to a great start with his teammates.  The bond on that squad was deep, lots of guys eager to play the right way, no one worried about their contracts or anything.  If SP doesn't hate Voskuhl anymore (though he's not against calling him a girl), how do we feel about Andre Miller?  What's our list of most hated ex-Clippers look like?  Even FElton has had the good grace to become amazingly terrible with a horrendous contract, after betraying his Clipper fans.  Miller is what he has always been, a giant pain.  Hate Andre Miller, love Brandon Roy, eager to see the Gomes-Batum matchup, want to see Kaman's new double skip dribble through the legs that sets up his 3-pt jumper (learned it from Kobe, but he doesn't have Kobe's 40 foot range quite down yet, maybe next year), and let's all say hello to Mr. Griffin, in the preseaon once again.  Exciting?

Does Sactown feel just a little bit more funky than in recent years?  Do we smell Kings cow pies once again, just like the way Chris Webber and Vlade used to get down?  Reke and Cousins should be nice, Hawes out and Cousins in, and Griffin against Cousins should be really fun.  And what about Dalembert?  Wasn't he a jerk on the Canadian Olympic team a second ago, but now he works around the clock saving Haiti?  Not ready to like the guy yet, want the Clips to be clearly better than the Kings, ready to see the Clips play the right way and defend Reke, and Cousins should be a raw, undisciplined talent.

Not feeling good enough yet?  Time to play the Warriors!  The boring, better, but still not good Warriors.  Say goodbye to Nellieball, and Hollywood Baron say hi to all your old Bay Area friends along with new owner Peter Guber, an old LA cronie.  Let him tell you the story of selling Guber-Peters to Warner Bros., before taking over Sony Pictures.  It's a good one, but of course any random Jon Peters story is priceless.  Gordon and Davis against Curry and Ellis, or Foye against somebody.  How do we feel about Randy Foye in our third preseason game?  Didn't realize he averaged 16+ ppg year before last; not too shabby.

How's that for a week!  What could be better than that?

Did some one say Mexico?

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