Should the Clippers consider trading Baron to the Knicks?

I made a comment about this in a thread and have been thinking about it for awhile.  I decided to look into it and post it to see what the Nation thought.  First of let me say that I am not a Baron hater.  I was very excited when he signed with the Clips and thought things were going to change.  After two years I am obviously disappointed.  Why I hope Baron can change his game to play to his strengths (passing) and away from his weaknesses (shooting), I just don't believe its going to happen.  As long as he's getting paid $15 million a year, he's going to believe he's the #1 scoring option and continue to put up bad shots.

Here's a couple of trades I am thinking about ( these won't be able to be made until 12/15):

Trade 1:

BD and DJordan - Knicks

Eddy Curry expiring contract and Raymond Felton - Clippers

Trade 2:

BD, DJ, and Aminu or Bledsoe  - Knicks

Curry, Felton, and Gallanari or maybe Chandler - Clippers

Why the Knicks consider it:

The Knicks tanked 2 years for the 2010 free agent class.  They ended up with Amare and nothing else.  Then they went after the Melo, CP3 combo and it looks like there going to miss on that.  I'm convinced CP3 is heading to the Nets with Melo in 2 years.  Adrian Wojnarowski at Yahoo! already has something up about this possibilty. here.  Amare makes them better but nowhere near a title contender.  They need/want another superstar.  Who's left to get?  Deron WilliamsBrandon Roy?  These guys are playing for good franchises that have decent teams.  Won't they want to stay?  Will the Knicks make there fans wait another 2 years on hoping to get another star?  Don't they need to do something with Curry's expiring contract?  What happens in mid-December if they're hovering around .500 or below?  Maybe they'll be desperate to add another big name?  While we know Baron is nowhere near a superstar he's still a big name and a productive player.  The Knicks could believe he would help them take another step up.  He'd certainly like playing in NYC and he'd love playing for D'Antoni.  I could see him averaging 19pts and 9 assists in that offense.  I took a glance over at the Knicks SB Nation blog and they seem pretty excited about the season.  They're realistic about there chances and don't think they're anything more then the 7 or 8 seed in the East.  Don't think the Knicks fans would be up for Davis but what about their Front Office?

Why the Clippers consider it:

Eddy Curry's contract could be used to make another trade later in the year for some pieces.  If not its some nice cap space to go into next year.  We'll have to see what happens with the CBA and the lockout but there should be some decent players available to add.  And if anything it doesn't hurt to have some space when we have to re-sign Kaman, Gordon, and Griffin along with the contract for the Minny pick (Top 5??).  For some reason I really like Gallanari.  Looking at his stats there's not a whole lot that jumps out except that he shoots and makes alot of 3's.  I guess just the idea of adding a 6'10  21 year old who can shoot with Griffin,Gordon and Kaman is exciting.  Chandler and Aminu seem like similar players to me so I don't know if it'll be worth it to swap them.  If we try to get Gallanari from the Knicks, we'll have to give up something.  Maybe a first round pick also?

Baron vs. Felton

In no way do I believe Felton is a better player then Baron but here's a couple of notes:

Per 36 minutes (09-10) stats from Basketball reference:

Baron -


75 73   2523 5.9  14.5 .406   1 .2    4.2 .277      3.4  4.2    .821   0.7   3.1   3.8    8.5       1.8    3.0   16.3


Felton -

80  80   2643   5.3 11.5   .459    0.8   2.1 .  385    1.8 2.4 .   763    0.7   3.2    3.9     6.1      1.7       2.3    13.2

Couple of points.  Felton shoots less and at a much higher percentage from the field and 3P.  While Baron has more assists, Felton doesn't turn the ball over as much.  IMO the Clippers top 3 offensive options this year should be Kaman, Griffin, and Gordon.  Therefore, their point guard should be concerned with not turning the ball over and not taking shots away from those 3.  Felton can do that.  Baron, not so much.  I don't expect anyone to look at this and say Felton is the better player.  But doesn't he do more of what we what from our point guard and less of what we don't?

Two more points:  Felton is 26  Baron is 31.  Baron will be paid around $15mil/year for the next 3 years.  Felton will be $7 mil/year for the next 2.

Either of these trades might not work because of the salaries.  Kind of hard to work it out since ESPN Trade Machine won't allow it because Felton can't be traded until 12/15.  There may need to be some tweaks with a couple of players.

I'm not sold on this and could be convinced otherwise if the consensus is this is a stupid idea.  Just had it running through my head while I was reading through the blog and wanted to throw it out there for some reaction...

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