The "Heatless".... oops the "Heatles" are here!!!!

The highty anticipated  game on the 25th of December between The Lakers and the Heats  was a travesty. The Champs were nowhere to be found! They appereared and disappeared and became as a "blur" in the heat of the Heatles. Tomorrow's game with the Clips hopefully would not be a recreation of that infamous game on Christmas.

Both Baron and Blake await this game and dubbed it as a big marque game that will bring  "a lot of fun". James who has called Blake as one of the most exciting player in the NBA, could have more fun in playing with the "future star" rather than the "present star". Bledsoe, who is a friend of James, even  said that Lebron will let Blake dunk.

It is reported that Bosh will be assigned to stop Blake. This I think will be a good matchup. I don't see  Miami double teaming Blake so it will be one on one game with Bosh most of the time. I see a lot of dunking and some exciting alley oops!

Wade vs EJ could be more fun. The two have similar styles but Wade is taller, stronger and as fast as EJ. Both will have hard times guarding each other. If EJ's three would not be falling, then it would be a long day for EJ. Ej's quick hands would  distract Wade. But he needs help specially when Wade penetrates the middle where he would be met by the loving swatting hands of DJ!

DJ has become dominant in the middle with his dunks and with his defense but  Ilgauskas will lure him to the outside with his jump shots thereby freeing the middle for both James and Wade. Perhaps it is better for Blake to guard Ilgauskas rather than Bosh to let DJ stay in the middle.

James will be hard to stop. Gomes and Aminu will have their hands full guarding the king. Holding him to score below the 30's will be a challenge and if he scores more than this, then we will be doomed.

With a team like Miami, a fast start is a must for the Clippers. Miami will bury us if we start the game slow. We need to build our confidence as the game progresses and a good confidence builder would be an early lead.

During their last game with the Bucks, Miami got singlehandedly beaten by Bogut  in rebounding with 27 rebounds of which 7 was offensive rebounds. We should dominate the rebounding with Blake and DJ who are between themselves averaging more than 25 per game.

One thing that favors us is that the Heats are not a 3 point shooting team. That means guarding a limited space and easier switching in defense.

Well, the "alliance of evil" is here. Let's how heat tot the "heatles".







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