Trade Kaman? Are you crazyyy??

i hear this talk alot around clipper fans. on clipper nation and from fans alike. They fell in love with DJ and now feel he should be the starting center and at times seems like the only center.... well let me clarify  a few things in case u forgot


last year Kaman was the teams 24 & 10 guy for most of the season (until the team clearly gave up halfway thru Jan.)

he was scoring in bunches from jump shots, to his left handed hook to an occasionally dunk here and there... When we were just below .500 last year he was our go to guy. our bread and butter. Eric Gordon still looked lost and baron was still half assing it. but Kaman was there night in and night out scoring in bunches. Now lets not think i forgot that he, like blake in the first month and  a half of this season, mainly scored in the first half, and the beginning of the third. and not till right before they gave up on the season was he becoming legit going down the stretch.


now dont get me wrong i love DJ and i always have. and i believe that he will be the Clippers Center of the future (if we can get him to resign to long term contract) however until he becomes a bit more legit and hits free throws and learns an offense move besides the alley-opp, then Kaman is the center of now. when he returns we no long have to worry bout Collins in there, we no longer have to worry bout late 4th quarter fouls with the Hack a DJ in there.. Kaman is one of the teams best free throw shooters. has a consistent 10-18 footer.  can create. and can play D.. lets not forget that he and Elton led the league with the best shot blocking front court. and with him down there in the rotation u can even slide DJ over to PF when we play teams like the lakers with Gasol and BYnum down there...


I dont know bout you, but im extremely excited to see him come back in the rotation. i think its exactly wat the team needs to finish off the year strong. and wat we need goin into that horrendous Feb away schedule.


and if we can get Kaman to sign an extension, then when DJ comes to true form, we have a reliable back up center in Kaman...


i see great things in the future with this front court...


LEts Go Clippers Lets Go!!! #CLipperNation


follow me on twitter  @tonepark

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